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Verizon Launches McAfee Powered Android Suite

Verizon has just recently launched a mobile security service that is powered by McAfee with a whole bunch of extra added security tools. The free version of the suite provides protection against those nasty spyware key-loggers, along with potentially harmful sights that are visited in the native Android browser (it sounds like it won’t work in Firefox or Chrome). For $1.99/month or $1/month if you have Total Equipment Coverage, you will get tracking, audible alarm sounding, locking,and wiping, along with App Alert, which flags various applications that are accessing personal data. We don’t know if it’ll flag apps that have permissions to do that or whether they are actually doing that.

I’m personally not very concerned about viruses on my phone in the traditional PC sense. I mean, viruses just aren’t as bad as they are on dedicated PCs. I really don’t feel I have anything to worry about, yet. Still, there are plenty of anti-virus applications to protect yourself against those silly maleware attacks. Still, when there are plenty of free applications can do that, I’m just not so sure that it’s worth paying a monthly subscriptions for it.

How do you feel about a monthly anti-virus subscription for your handset?

source; android central

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  1. Nope , I don’t think I need an anti-virus for my phone. Should I ever need one , I will get a free one. Won’t pay Verizon anything for Anti-Virus. At what Verizon charges for its service , it should provide a free anti-virus.

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