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T-Mobile Galaxy Note II Leaked Image; Could This Be It?

It’s beginning to look like this screenshot could just possible be T-Mobile’s version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which could very well be the reason what the original Galaxy Note on T-Mobile’s network had a very short run. The image shows SGH-T889, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and the UA proof is also telling us that it has a display sitting at 1280 x 720. This is speculation but keep in mind that T-Mobile’s original Galaxy Note was originally a SGH-T879, so it wouldn’t be wrong to think that a slightly higher number would reveal the Galaxy Note 2 for their network. I was kind of hoping that the Galaxy Note 2 would be AT&T or Verizon exclusive as T-Mobile’s network tends to be junk compared to those carriers. Still, let’s not jump to conclusions, it might just be a bit to early to start putting pieces together.

According to TMONEWS, T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 will be keeping its luxurious powerful quad core Exynos processor (made by Samsung) and will be running on the 42MB HSPA+ network. This would be pretty fantastic considering that it would be a very rare Samsung US device that was able to keep the Exynos processor rather than switching over to Snapdragon processors.  I’m really curious (and I’m sure you are too) about this, it’s very hard to tell if it’s even a legitimate image. It’s something though, and hopefully all of you T-Mobile users will get to share the Galaxy Note 2 love.

Personally, it’s kind of surprising that a leak has already surfaced so quickly, which is why I’m kind of curious if it’s legit or not. It’s also very possible that this is the reason why the original Samsung Galaxy Note came off of T-Mobile’s shelves so early. Whatever the case is, it’ll be cool to see T-Mobile users get to use this behemoth even though I’d prefer it to be exclusive to Verizon or AT&T so that it’s full network power can be put to use. Either way though, any rumors of a Galaxy Note 2 incoming is newsworthy as many of us are itching to get our hands on one of these devices, especially after Samsung’s Unpacked event at the IFA in Berlin, Germany.

Is anyone excited to see the Samsung Galaxy Note II surface on T-Mobile’s network, or are you just kind of “eh” about it? I personally have mixed feelings about it, but again, any news on the Galaxy Note 2 is fantastic! Are you interested in getting a Galaxy Note II if it ends up arriving on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network later this year? T-Mobile did have a pretty good price on the original Galaxy Note, we’ll just have to see how things turn out with this new Galaxy Note variant in the coming months (sooner rather than later though!).

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, along with any rumors you may have possibly seen surface about this specific handset! We’d love to hear them!

source: Talk Android


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  1. As a 12 year T-Mo customer, I couldn’t wait for the Note to finally make it to my carrier of choice…for two weeks.

    I got my Note right after the announcement and knew that the Note 2 was going to be announced a week later. No worries! I wanted this device for almost a year and after seeing the AT&T exclusivity, I wouldn’t see the Note 2 anytime soon on Magenta. Then the other shoe dropped, or should I say T-Mo dropped my device almost as soon as I got it in my hands. My note got shoved back in the box and went to the post office for a trip to Fort Worth to be returned. I’ll sit back and watch what happens next. I feel a bit used by my friends at T-Mo. It seems like they helped Samsung clear the warehouse to see if they could move this device. I can’t have a device that is stillborn regarding devs! Not enough T-Mo units made it out the door for devs to create for. I could have used AT&T ROMS and forced things to work on T-Mo’s network, but slight differences in hardware would have been lurking around the corner for my two year contract.

    For now, I’m back on my MyTouch 4G while the return process crawls along. With any luck, the Note 2 will be an option when all is said and done.

  2. Good note, Frank, I totally agree with all you said.
    Regarding wireless carrier “exclusivity”, it is indeed an unacceptable monopolistic practice that is found only in the US. The rest of the world uses GSM all over (even if some niche, local Chinese carriers use other tech, not compatible with US CDMA btw). Ex. in Europe (500 million consumers) all phones are available from all carriers or any electronics store all over the place. Carriers are irrelevant (there is no customization necessary as the all use GSM).
    That’s real competition (choice of phones is at least 100x larger than in the puny US market), and it benefits both consumers and wireless carriers (as people buy a lot more phones, accessories and services).

  3. I was relieved to see a former Veizon customer tell it as it is. This writer needs his or her personal opinions to be kept to themselves and for him or her to just provide the news. Every customer on any carrier deserve to use any phone, tablet or phablet they so choose. This whole device exclusiveness to a particular carrier is not healthy for competition. Comments like “I was kind of hoping that the Galaxy Note 2 would be AT&T or Verizon exclusive” was really ignorant.

  4. Yes this device is scheduled to be on Tmobile and At&t first since both already have handsets in production. You made a comment above making claim as if Verizon is best thing since sliced bread. Give everyone a break on that assessment. Verizon network is overrated at best. It has very inconsistent network issues ie poor signal strength and crappy reception on most of it’s CDMA LTE handsets. We won’t even get into the piss poor battery life its network provides for it’s users. I kicked Verizon to the curb June 28th for Tmobile and it’s GSM HSPA PLUS 42MPS network. I’ll be the first to tell you it simply shits all over Verizon and it’s overrated battery draining LTE network. The cdma Verizon Galaxy Nexus was the biggest joke on that carrier and till this day it still has dreadful signal strength and piss poor asu. Verizon will never see the Galaxy Note 2 WHY because it has it’s head up it’s butt with that farce of a device the Lg Vu and also has that exclusive deal with Htc for it’s 1080p phone which is supposed to be the Galaxy Note 2 competitor. All Samsung needs to do is put out for two GSM carriers Tmobile and At&t and then the cdma versión for Sprint. Verizon is the biggest joke in carrier land especially when we discuss updates to all handsets they suck major monkey balls. Tmobile speeds pimp slap Verizon

  5. It would be monumentally idiotic if the Note 2 is not available on Verizon. They will sell millions of the device. It’s the best Android phone out there.

  6. Hey, I just wanted to know if you know for a fact when the Galaxy Note 2 is actually coming out because I also wanted to know if I could ask T-Mobile if they could save me one Galaxy Note 2

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