Samsung Galaxy Note II May Sell Three Times Faster Than The Original Note

After Samsung originally revealed the Galaxy Note last year, consumers weren’t sure what to expect with the handset, or even if it was a viable replacement for the everyday smartphone owner. The question still hasn’t specifically been answered, but the device has had some great success. Whatever the case, Samsung has introduced a successor to the original Galaxy Note just this last month in Berlin, Germany at the IFA 2012 convention, and I can tell you right now, this specific device really packs a punch. This behemoth boasts of a 5.5 inch display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a rocking quad core processor, this new handset is going to be a very desired powerhouse that might even replace some peoples tablets.

At a company briefing today in Korea, J.K Shin, head of the manufacturer’s mobile division, speculated that this new Galaxy Note II would be selling nearly three times faster than what the original sold. Considering the numerous additional carriers that will be offering this brand new behemoth this time around, it’s really not a surprise. Who knows, maybe it will even pass up Apple in their pre-order sales?  In terms of the raw numbers, Samsung’s new flagship device is slated to go on sale in nearly 128 different markets, and will be available on 260 different network operators. That’s a ton. The original Galaxy Note was only available on AT&T and in the United States, along with an extremely brief run of availability on T-Mobile’s network. This Galaxy Note II is preparing itself to arrive later this year on at least five of the major United States carriers, which include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular.

It’s actually crazy how hard Samsung Electronics is pushing this device, I think. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it seems like almost a bad marketing move due to the recent sale of the Galaxy S III. It’s almost like they’re trying to undercut the Galaxy S III, which itself, is still a brand new device and still a hot seller. With that said, I’m really not sure if this was a great idea on Samsung’s part, but at the same time, the Galaxy Note was fairly popular in the United States as it was essentially the first “pha-blet” to really “wow” the market, so to speak. I’m not marketing expert of course, but undercutting your own device with a brand new flagship device seems a wee bit out of line, personally.

Is anyone interested in getting the Galaxy Note 2 right after we’ve all just recently gotten out Galaxy S III’s? Personally, 5.5 inches is a little bit for me, as at that point, I would much rather just go out and purchase a 7 inch tablet with a car carrier. Do you think that Samsung is doing the right thing by releasing this device so close to the Galaxy S III, or do you think that is the wrong way to look at this? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments below! It could make for interesting discussion!

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  1. Call me a Phandroid, but I have the S3, the Galaxy note 10.1 3G WIFI and will be having my Note 2 Delivered from Hong Kong to Sydney next week, I cannot wait…

  2. I just bought an SG3 for my 16 year-old son and a Samsung Galaxy Note for his 40-something mother. They both love their phones. He thinks hers is too big to carry around and she thinks his is too small for internet usage, such as viewing websites. I don’t think they compete with each other.

  3. I can’t wait for the Note II. I have the original EVO 4G, it has been a great phone. I tried a tablet, the transformer prime, but found myself needing an actual laptop to I returned it. This will fill my tablet needs which are sketching, reading and watching videos.

    I don’t think it is a bad idea to have both of this phablet and the s3 out at the same time, they are both great and this way customers can just choose what size phone they prefer.

  4. I’m planning on getting a Note 2 when it’s released. I am due for an upgrade and have been going back and forth between it and the Galaxy S3. I don’t currently have a tablet but want one. I think the Note 2 would fill both tablet and phone needs in one.

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