Open webOS ported to Galaxy Nexus

Web OS was an effort from HP to enter the smart phone world. The company did release quite a few devices in all price ranges, but for some reason, this did not appeal much to the market and the company went under loss. You would also remember a tablet, the HP Touch Pad to be precise, which was released with the company’s Web OS operating system. This tablet took the company under loss and the company was not even able to sell the tablets in stock. Ultimately, retailers and the company also gave huge discounts and sold the tablets at a very, very less price.

After all this, the company made the operating system open source, because it did not completely want to give up on that. The operating system was made available to the developer so that they can improvise on that and try to port it to other devices. And on the day the first version of the open sourced operating system, the Open Web OS 1.0, was released, a bunch of people have been able to port it to a Galaxy Nexus device. There is even a video showing the same, as you can see below.

This is good news for HP, and the hardworking people from different parts of the world who are trying their best to bring the platform back to the market. The initial port has taken around 2 months of time. But the port is still not completely stable, and not yet quite ready for use as a daily driver. There are still a lot of bugs to be fixed, and a lot of functionalities that need to be tinkered with to make them work on the new and unsupported hardware.

For now, the port on the Galaxy Nexus device is able to connect to a Wi Fi network. But the phone functionality is not yet completely active. Once the port becomes completely ready, the people over at webOS-ports.org will be making it available for the public to download. Are you excited even a bit?

Source: WebOS-Ports

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  1. HP (and Palm before them), released 5 distinct phones, with very few of them overlapping each other. The original Palm Pre, the Pre 2, the Pre 3, the Pixi, the Veer. This was over a 2 year span. The touchpad was not on the market long enough to get traction when the then CEO of HP decided to cancel all hardware and stop building PC’s. HP is still recovering from that mess.

    As a Pre and Veer owner, I’m extremely happy to see the possiblity of WebOS on my extremely disappointing Galaxy Nexus. I had hoped Android 4.0 would be at least in the same league with the WebOS user interface, but it unfortunately has all of the charm of Windows mobile 6 on a REALLY high resolution screen. Do not be confused, I love the apps and the overall power of the phone, but the interface needs a lot of work. Android is still 100x better than iOS, and if WebOS fails again, I’ll have no regrets sticking with it.

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