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LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Miracast TV Streaming

TV Streaming may have just gone to a completely new level. Miracast is pretty similar to DLNA and Apple’s Airplay in the terms that it will allow a user to stream video or others images and etc straight from your phone, tablet, TV or even a projector. Miracast is different than both Airplay and DLNA though. Miracast is different in the sense that it also gives an option to stream without the need of WiFi because it can utilize WiFi directly. Miracast is also able to automatically set the best audio and video resolution for what device or gadget your watching TV on.

Miracast isn’t going to start out as a Android-wide application, but instead, the first phones getting Miracast certifications will be with the LG Optimus G and also the Samsung Galaxy S III with more handsets to come shortly. So far, there is only one TV certification so far and that is with the Samsung Echo P Series TV. Miracast is compatible with any kind of WiDi-enabled display, so it should be fairly easy to get TVs with that compatibility certified.

Check out the video about Miracast below:

Is anyone interested in getting a WiDI enabled TV for Miracast specifically or would you rather be waiting a bit longer until the technology develops? Let us know in the comments below!

source; talk android

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