iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, Consumers Don’t Know The Difference According To Jimmy Kimmel

As you should all know by now, Apple has unveiled their new smartphone, the iPhone 5. Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel decided that he wanted to know what people thought of the device, and with that said, his crew hit the streets to ask the consumers themselves. Since the iPhone 5 isn’t available until later this month, they decided to give consumers and iPhone 4S instead. They didn’t tell them it was the 4S though, they continued to say it was the iPhone 5. I found it to be absolutely hilarious listening to the numerous comments people made as they actually thought this was the new iPhone Apple announced. At the same time, it’s pretty ridiculous that people are that ignorant. While it’s fun to pick on the iPhone, Robert from Talk Android notes that you could most likely show people the Galaxy S II and tell them it was a Galaxy S III, you would most likely be getting similar results.

Do people really look at what they purchase anymore these days? Check out the video below, it really is hilarious and is totally worth your time.

Is anyone going to be getting the iPhone 5? I really see it as a waste of hard-earned money when you could get a cheaper device that does a whole lot more than what the iPhone could ever do.


source: talk android


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    Sorry for the caps, I had to emphasize that point.

    Anyway, Apple’s dock connector is quite good, but it isn’t by any means innovative. Besides, it still uses the USB standard for the other half of the cable, meaning that you get the exact same performance out of the dock connector as…say, a Micro USB 2.0 connector.

    It is shockingly thin, though. And light. And good touchscreen technology – all the innovations and enhancements in the iPhone 5 are largely in the background, underneath the main tech components (size, materials used, etc.). But it is playing a catch-up game to Android phones at the moment.

    Comparively, the SIII isn’t well-engineered compared to the iPhone, even though I hate Apple. Apple is an incredible engineering company, I have to give them that – they can build ANYTHING.

  2. Samsung Galaxy S III is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than iPhone 5.

    You don’t have to buy extra connectors for Samsung phones.

  3. It’s that most people are not gadget obsessed. People that write and follow these blogs are. If I did the same thing to my mom or my wife, I bet I could trick them too. Most people just want a phone that makes calls and can check Facebook with decent battery life.

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