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AT&T Samsung Captivate Glide ICS Update Now Available for Download Via KIES

Good news for owners of AT&T Samsung Captivate Glide as the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update has already been rolled out and can be downloaded through Samsung KIES as of Friday, September 7th. The roll out is in light to AT&T’s promise to provide update to majority of Android devices under its network.

The official announcement from the carrier came out Thursday through a blog post. The update was pushed on the 6th but users reported there was nothing to download via KIES until the 7th. Captivate Glide ICS update has long been overdue. The device was released in October 2011 running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread but earlier this year, Captivate owners have already been bugging both AT&T and Samsung for ICS.

While the device displayed impeccable stability with Gingerbread, it has the necessary specs to run Ice Cream Sandwich like a charm. Captivate features Nvidia Tegra 2 AP20H chipset with 1GHz dual-core Cortex A-9 CPU and a ULP GeForce graphics processor, making it one of phones that have really impressive specs and design when it was released late last year.

Aside from the impressive hardware and QWERTY slide-out keyboard, it also comes with 4-inch Super AMOLED display offering up to 480 x 800 pixels resolution or around 233ppi pixel density. Thus, the ICS update is necessary for this device and since it is a major overhaul, it offers a lot of improvements, enhancements and new features. Here are some of the things you can expect after the update:

Home screens. All items that were added to the home screen will be reset to default but images on lock screen will be preserved.

Application menu. Everything related to applications including menu sorting, home keys and folders will be reset but downloaded apps will be preserved.

Email. Accounts that were added to Samsung Premium or Social Hub will be removed.

Music. Your music playlist will be lost during the update and your settings including sound effects and equalizer will be reset.

AT&T Samsung Captivate Glide will only be made available through Samsung KIES and not over-the-air. So, you’d rather download KIES if you are one of the owners of this device and are under AT&T network.

It is advisable you backup everything important before you take the first step in updating your device to ICS. You would also need to connect your phone to your computer so get your data cable ready. Lastly, depending on your connection, the download may take a little while to finish.

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  1. It doesn’t. I’ve been playing the “it’s not our fault” game with both companies for over a month. Still no resolution…

  2. I received an android update, and now my keyboard backlight isn’t coming on. I chatted with Samsung and they told me to take the phone to AT&T and have it rolled back. AT&T says they can’t do it and it’s a problem with Samsung. Samsung tell me to call the voice help line. When does the buck stop?

  3. I too have the Glide and am experiencing the same issues since updating to ICS. Contacted Samsung Support on fb and left them this msg…

    …”I am sorta frustrated with u guys. I have the Captivate Glide (LOVE IT!!!!) And was anxiously awaiting the release of ur ICS update. I was able to update it but like a lot of ur loyal Glide customers, I have noticed that my slide out keyboard light doesnt work anymore and I get a process canceled notification after I make a phone call. I believe that with the pressure from customers to produce the update, there were mistakes made. I am not complaining, just wanted to know if there is a fix in the works and if so, how soon is it expected??”…

    Will post when I get a reponse.

  4. To take a screen shot now with Ice Cream Sandwich….

    Press power button and home button just below the screen at same time for about 1 full second.

  5. I am not able to update for some reason using kies. It says something in another language and just says my phone is already updated. I am not sure what happened here. I am very upset because I’ve been waiting.

  6. I updated my device and after restart it stuck on ATT screen and nothing happened. I then with the help of online search and did a factory reset. My phone then booted properly and it is having ics 4.0.4 but key board does not light up and wallpaper screen does not move.

  7. Try doing a hard reset on the phone…google it…my phone locked up too but this fixed it…and its updated 🙂

  8. This has happened to my phone too. I would suggest that everyone start calling AT&T and griping about this release. They should have had better quality control and checked this update instead of just waving it through. AT&T has been telling me this is not their problem. The more people pressure AT&T about this issue the more pressure can brought to bare on samsung to get this fixed.

  9. Besides the keyboard backlight and the non-sliding wall paper issues, I cannot re-size the settings widget from the default 4X2 size. This is a real disappointment for me because Gingerbread had a 4X1 default size (with a scroll capability) which was just right for me. Widget resizing is supposed to be one of ICS’s big deal and it’s not working on the stock settings widget. What’s up with that?

  10. Keyboard light went out, I actually like the fact that the wallpaper doesn’t move anymore when swiping. The biggest disappointment is that I can no longer take screen shots. Had I known, I wouldn’t have updated.

  11. Same thing happened to me and i went to at&t and they gave me an new captivate glide since i still had the warranty. Im never going to update this phone again haha.

  12. Our family has 3 Captivate Glides and the download only failed on one. It basically froze on the ATT logo. Att had me do a hard reset by holding the power key and lower volume key for about 10 seconds. Went through the factory reset steps and the phone was good to go with Ice cream. My biggest problem though is the keyboard not being lit. the main reason i got this phone was for the keyboard and it not lighting is major to me. I hope they have find a fix soon ;-(

  13. Just updated mine phone and my keyboard light went out as well and my friend’s phone did also…..very disappointted with this one

  14. Well mh keyboard is no longer backlit, my wallpaper no longer slides when I swipe, and the are some issues like kies no connecting to my phone…………in all it’s not bad but I’m dissapointed these are some minor bugs……..well the keyboard backlight not lighting that’s a problem it sad to see an update rushed out like this and the keyboard thing happend to a lot of people I personally know 5 whose keyboard don’t light

  15. I updated my phone yesterday after I received the text, and though I was happy with a few of the newer things, I was having some technical problems. When plugging my phone back into the computer, Kies doesn’t pick up my phone connection because of the two ways it can connect now, through media or camera and what it’s telling me to do is not in my phone. Aside from that I still would have preferred my old keyboard since it can pick up on what words I was going to write easily.

  16. i just updated and only problems so far was the keyboard backlight will not turn on also the homescreen picture no longers moves as you swipe between homescreen pages and one more thing is that copy and paste no longer works…hope google fixes this soon!

  17. I upgraded my phone to ics and now it’s locked up completely. I don’t think the captivate glide was ready for the upgrade. I hope my warranty covers this. If not I’ll be one mad mama.

  18. I did not lose anything through updating. All I had to do was plug into Kies and it asked to update. all my Homescreens remained perfectly intact, minus 1 widget, the power saver bar. Did I just get lucky?

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