Amazon Kindle Fire 7″ Devices Might Be The Only Devices Announced This Week

We have heard a lot of rumors about a larger Kindle Fire device coming from Amazon, but now a source is indicating that this week’s announcement regarding their Kindle Fire announcement will be limited to the two 7 inch models. The information that had been obtained by C|Net has indicated that Amazon will be introducing a slightly revamped variant of the existing Kindle Fire and then a new, higher-end model of the Kindle Fire. Both sound really cool to see, but I think a lot of us might be pretty disappointed that we won’t get to see what Amazon’s 10 inch Kindle Fire will look like and how well it will run. It’s a possibility that they could have went back to the drawing board after seeing last weeks verdict in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit. That said, in anticipation of this announcement from Amazon, the company has reported that their existing Kindle Fire is now officially sold out. They haven’t said if they will be making more or if they’ll be holding off until their new lineup is announced.

The new model is expected to be pretty fantastic despite not having a 10 inch model available. The device is supposed to be packed with a faster processor, a camera (which is new for the Fire), a physical volume rocker that will help with volume control coming from the device (something that was heavily missing in the original Fire), an HDMI port and increase internal storage. Not only that, but both versions of the Kindle Fire are have been expected to benefit from a slight overhaul of the user interface. While I feel that wasn’t entirely needed as they had a pretty crisp and clean UI in the first place, it’ll be nice to have a pretty new experience when picking up the new device after they launch.

As for the larger model of the Kindle Fire, it’s still very well possible that it is still in the works (as I said, it might be back in the drawing board), but we can’t really expect to see it later this week during Amazon’s announcement. If we do, that would be a huge surprise as many very reliable sources have reported that we won’t be seeing it. I personally am still holding onto hope that we’ll be seeing a larger Kindle Fire device, I really think that is what Amazon needs to break out into the market in order to compete with the likes of the iPad or Transformer Pad and etc. Their 7 inch devices are nice and all, but I really think Amazon could start heavily competing with companies like Apple if they made a larger device.

Is anyone excited to see what Amazon has in store for us this week during their announcement? When they announce their two new 7 inch models, will you be getting one or sticking with your Kindle Fire? Or, if you were thinking about a Kindle Fire and were holding off until they came up with something better, do you think that this announcement has been something you’ve been waiting for?

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source: Talk Android

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  1. I have been waiting for a Kindle Fire hardware and form update and the potential Kindle “Hollywood” (larger option) ever since the original Kindle Fire was released. Finally, a refresh is upon us. Jeff Bezos must have great confidence in the earning potential of new Kindle devices to remain so silent on their advances while the buzz of Google and Apple devices continually grows.

    If we look carefully, the leaked photos published by The Verge show two different models. What appears to be an original Kindle Fire (no camera) and a new device (with front-facing camera and a different screen aspect ratio). What I’m calling the new device could certainly have been the recently FCC approved device that featured the FCC label located at the bottom center of the longer “landscape” orientation of the device as opposed to the placement of the label at the bottom center of the “portrait” orientation that we have seen with other tablets and e-readers including the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, and all generations of the iPad. That landscape-oriented device recently approved by the FCC also contained Bluetooth… WOOHOO!

    With no further ado, below are my predictions (more-like hoping beyond hope) for the new devices that will be announced by Bezos on September 6th. Obviously having ad-support on any of the devices should lower the asking price, but I would consider that an option/feature rather than a separate piece of hardware.

    Updated Kindle Fire, 16MB memory: $169
    Updated Kindle Fire, 32MB memory: $189
    New Kindle Fire, 16MB memory (w/ Bluetooth): $199
    New Kindle Fire, 32MB memory (w/ Bluetooth): $229
    Kindle Paperwhite e-reader (w/ integrated lighting): $109
    Kindle Paperwhite e-reader (w/ integrated lighting and 3G): $159

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