Amazon allows Kindle Fire owners to opt-out of ads

Amazon had launched Kindle Fire last year with much fanfare and eagerness. It set a benchmark for how a low priced budget tablet device should look and feel like. The tablet was of course very successful, and the reason behind its success can be traced back to its $199 price tag, which the company managed by keeping its profit from device itself low. According to Amazon’s business strategy, the company will be making money by selling digital content for the device. Though the device was successful, the scene has changed now. There are better devices at the same price point. We have Google’s Nexus 7 falling under same price range, but having a hardware that is way too powerful than last year’s Kindle Fire. Not to mention the Nook Tablet and rumors of the new iPad Mini, the new Kindle Fire was very much needed.

Amazon officially took the wraps off of three new Kindle Fire HDs, and as you would expect, these are Android tablets with its own Amazon-based ecosystem. Soon after the launch, Amazon was showered with negative feedback based on forced ads. Addressing the feedback, the company has made it public that they will be allowing users to opt-out of “Special Offer” ads, and that option comes for a fee.

An Amazon spokesperson wrote, “I wanted to let you know that with the Kindle Fire HD there will be a special offers opt-out option for $15. We know from our Kindle reader line that customers love our special offers and very few people choose to opt out. We’re happy to offer customers the choice.”

The $15 fee will be good for lifetime of the device, and users opting for this option will have their Kindle Fire devices with lock screen that is without any ads as well as along the bottom of the screen in various cases. Amazon will be offering this option to owners of HD model as well as the first generation Kindle Fire.

If you’ve missed the news about new Kindle Fires, we have the Fire HD with the 7 inch screen that will be sold for $199, and an 8.8mm thick Fire HD with an 8.9 inch screen which will come with a price tag of $299 for 16GB and $369 for 32GB. There’s another model of Fire HD which supports AT&T’s 4G LTE and is priced at $499 for 32GB and $599 for 64GB.

Apart from all the above devices, there’s also a lower priced Kindle Fire which has an improved processor speed at 1.2 Ghz and has double the RAM as the first Kindle Fire (1GB). Battery consumption has apparently been “re-tuned to optimize power consumption”, so users can expect better battery life. There’s still no camera, Bluetooth, or a new design, so we can say that the device has gone through a slight spec refresh. At $159, it’s a very good deal indeed.

What are your thoughts on the new devices and the option which Amazon has given to opt out of ads? Let us know using the comment form below.


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  1. I was going to buy the new hd kindle as we already own the fire. With this ad bullshit amazon has lost my tablet business, and now these greedy pricks have the balls to graciously give us a paid opt out – fuck you Amazon.

  2. In agreement. A friend gave my Mother one for her birthday a few years back, and she complained constantly about the ads always being present. After searching in the settings on the eBook reader, and unable to find the option to turn them off, I promptly decided to never buy one of these bullshit marketing devices from Amazon. I’ll stick to paperback. At least then I can tear out any included ads without being charged for the privilege.

  3. I have the original kindle fire and now I am upgrading to 64gb my only fear is that not every area get 4g and smart move on Amazon’s part to opt out of ads.

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