Wii U Price Possibly Will Be Revealed On September 13th

Like many other companies have been, Nintendo is going to be holding a special media event on September 13th of 2012 which happens to only be a few weeks away! Invitations have been sent out to various media outlets that are located in New York City for a “Wii U Preview” that will take place from 10am to 4pm. I think with taking up most of the day, Nintendo must have quite a showcase to display to the media. It’ll be very interesting to see what comes out of it all after and during the event.

As we all know, companies send out press and analyst invites to event all the time in New York. Many of these invitations are to just capture the attention from the highly dense concentration of industry professionals (I say professionals very lightly). At this event though, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be there, which leads many different people to believe that there will be some sort of announcement, perhaps, just maybe when the Wii U will be released along with how much it costs? A specs sheet would be pretty amazing to see too, I’d say!

This all is beginning to fall in line with some previous reports from sources that have said such announcements from Nintendo of America would be made sometime in September, and what do you know, the sources were right! Estimates of what the Wii U will cost have ranged for a low $300 to a pricey $500. If the price ends up being more than $250, the Wii U will be known for being the most expensive console ever to be made by Nintendo. Ever. I’m sure many people will still buy it, but it’d be quite a surprise to see it sitting at $500 with their current track record.

The problem is the touchscreen tablet-like controller, which you can imagine is basically another video game system in and of itself. That said, you’re not only paying for the one console, but for two, which as you would expect, is driving up the costs for Nintendo. If they were to make it that high, it would be cool to see the hardware sold separately. As in, the two devices sold separately at a $250 price point. That would be nice and reasonable, wouldn’t it?

As we all know too, Nintendo really likes to able to get a profit on its hardware (the Wii was a terrible example of this), unlike what the industry convention has been for the past couple of years which is to sell your console at a low cost and hope that you’ll be able to make the money back through some high-margin software sales. Whatever they end up doing though, I am in full support of it and would love to see what this new console is all about despite the price it’ll be asking for.

Anyone ready to open up their wallets and pre-order the Wii U yet? Or is this console going to be a no go for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. at $299, im in, at $349 you better have a hell of a pack in game and a new new super mario doesn’t meet that standard.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past them. I remember when the PlayStation 3 first came out, my local GameStop was selling it for $650. I kind of doubt that that’s what Sony had it set as, but it was what stores around me were selling it at, GameStop wasn’t the only one. Still, I’d love to grab a Wii U for $250.

  3. I didn’t know it was just one console. From some of Nintendos conferences it seemed like it was going to be two consoles.

    Thanks Travis!

  4. Its not two consoles, the tablet controller still uses the console to run the game engine. The tablet simply sends controller data and receives a video signal from the console… over wireless. This sounds expensive, but for close range, the tech is really quite cheap. Wireless HDMI can be had for a little over $100 bucks, and I’m sure the tablet console isn’t receiving HD video.

  5. I’M Totallllllllllly Gonnnnnnnnna Getttttttttt Theeeeeee
    Wii U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  6. Honestly… nintendo is pretty much at a fork in the road… left side = overpriced console that yes beats the wii hands down but is still overpriced… if i was going to decide between wii u & whatever microsoft & sony have. I probably wouldnt get the wii u after having a wii myself. So nintendo has to go with the right side of the road which is a -$250 price tag

  7. i am personally would go for it because nintendo has a pretty good track record in my opinion when it comes to consoles/games. considering its nintendos first hd console i wouldnt be surprised if there were some issues with it but i believe they will work the cincs out of it. i own all their the consoles from the snes up and they have not disappointed me and cant wait to own the wii u i honestly believe the touch pad is genius because you cant listen / watch your tv shows while playing a game. no more switching back and forth unless you want a bigger screen to play your games on or the game requires the wii mote with the nunchuck to play.

  8. I can’t wait to try it out! I really loved the idea of the VMU like from the dreamcast(the memory card thing with a screen that had monochrome downloadable games on it) so this will be awesome!

  9. The first time most systems come out, there will be hardware/software issues. It would have to be an amazing system to be sold over $250.

  10. You know that the price is going to be high or something? They haven’t mentioned anything about pricing yet.

  11. Going to give it a miss as it will be too high a price point for me. Going to stick with my WII, until the price comes down.

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