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Why having an iPhone does not make any sense, any more

Gone are the times, when having an iPhone was enticing, effectuating. Gone are the times, when’ i’ -stood for innovation, ingenuity, impingement. Gone are the times, when iPhone was possibly the best gadget your bare hands could hold.

I am not going to focus on why you should not buy an iPhone now, as iPhone 5 is set to release anytime soon.

I have been a huge Apple fan and always had an incessant hunch that Android was half-baked, shady and discordant for gizmo-geeks like me, who want their phone to be much more than just a phone. When Android released in 2010, it didn’t at all look promising. The interface was dorky, with ever-lasing time lags.

To be fair enough, iPhone always lived up to my perception of an idealistic smartphone. However, my perceptions just got voluminous and the benchmark a bit more elevated, when I recently got my hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S3- arguably, the best Android smartphone, right now. After a few days of using it, I found my iPhone 4S to be lagging centuries behind. Either the Galaxy S3 is galaxies ahead, or iPhone still stuck in a passive, obdurate time-frame. Maybe, even both.

Firstly, the Samsung screens are bigger and better. Though Apple may boast its retina-display all the way, the AMOLED display makes the colors look more vibrant than ever before. The interface is snappy and intuitive just like iOS. Conjointly, you also have an extremely suave home-screen experience, which you are void of, if you’re an iPhone user. Zoom-out to behold you apps pile-up and slide through the screens to find everything you want, right there, waiting to be unfolded. In other words, it justifies its name- ‘Home’ screen.  iOS on the other hand has no home-screens, no widgets, no notification-slider window. I know this could be debated, but there are no transitional changes in iOS (3G-> 3GS->4G->4S) , when you compare the transition of Android from Froyo-> Gingerbread-> Ice Cream Sandwich-> Jellybeans

No matter how good a dish tastes, you taste-buds go numb if you serve the same dish, over-and-over-and-over again.

This is the first time since hardware and software both have so drastically improved and empowered into a single flagship device. The little software tweaks which Samsung has made to the ICS powered Samsung Galaxy S III are commendable, which accompanied by the humongous transition from dual core to quad core processor and avant-garde technologies like LTE 4G, make Galaxy S III an expeditious monster, up-and-running.

Talking about iPhone 4S now, nor the hardware, nor the software seems tad futuristic. Siri alone is not enough to beat the heat Apple faces from its South-Korean rival. Besides, it lacks 4G LTE support, which we hope to see in iPhone 5 when it gets rolled out, late this year.

Though the upcoming iPhone 5 is likely to fix some of the shortcomings listed above, the South-Korean giant would take some beating to be dropped below the charts and off the hands. The concern for Apple is not that it needs alteration, the main concern is that people now have a viable, better alternative ‘open’ to them.

I know I am upsetting the main-stream Apple-loving audience when I say this, but having an iPhone does not make any sense, any more.

Times changes, iPhones don’t. (Unless, Apple surprises us this time)


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  1. The debate over which phone is better is so childish and a waste of energy. Geez…don’t you guys have anything better to discuss? How about something positive like giving feedback on how Apple or Android phones could be better so the end result is better products for us consumers.

    If you like Android, great! If you love your iPhone, more power to you! Do you guys need to bash the other platform to convince yourself that you made a good choice?! Sounds like your insecure so you need to keep on putting down the other guys so you convince yourself.

    Give it a rest. Please!

  2. I would buy your argument but I still feel Android is better than Apple’s iOS, primarily because it gives us more freedom, more flexibility.

    Apple treats us like they own their phones even after we own them.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”- Johan Wolfgang 😉

  3. Well put Apple is way behind on their phones…Sammy if your only happy thay apple is making more money fine…but the issue here is phones…Iphone sucks I can give you10 reason why Android is better you give me 1access reason Iphone is better

  4. Sure, there are more apps on iOS. A lot of them are more high quality too due to Apples high developer standards. As much as I love Android it really seems like its flooded with a bunch of low quality apps.

  5. let me know when sammy is earning more revenue and profit consistently quarter over quarter over apple…

    never mind…never lol

  6. i think the difference is in the apps, iOS has more apps available, and apparently according to some developers, iOS apps are easier to develop for than Android apps.

    one big issue that irks me about the 4s, it’s not available to Verizon’s LTE. wtf verizon

  7. Couldn’t have said it any better. In fact, I think that my old Galaxy S2 beats the pants off of an iphone. The Galaxy S3 just blows an iPhone out of the water ocmpletely.

    Of course, it doesn’t have a glowing Apple on the back…

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