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Verizon Gives Samsung Stratosphere Its First Update

Verizon has good news for owners of the Samsung Stratosphere. A new update is finally on its way for the device. This update, which is called FF1, has long been anticipated by users especially since after the product’s launch last year, the Samsung Stratosphere has never gotten an update.

Those, however, who are expecting that the Gingerbread-running Samsung Stratosphere will finally have Android Ice Cream Sandwich, are in for a disappointment. Instead of an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, Verizon is pushing out an update that introduces different enhancements that have similarities with Android 4.0.

Among these is Face Unlock, one of the more popular security features of Ice Cream Sandwich that allows users to unlock their device by putting their face in front of the camera. Also included in the list of updates are a new photo editor and an organized app tray. Users furthermore are now allowed to take photos while in the middle of recording a video. To receive or reject incoming calls, users simply have to swipe the touchscreen. There is also a new capability to designate a ringtone for a particular contact. Visual Voice Mail has likewise been improved with a Logout option, a Note option, and a Reply and Call Back option. Lastly, Verizon added a Google Security Patch. The update has a total file size of 53.8MB.

While it lacks many of the features that Ice Cream Sandwich brings, this update still offers improvements over the old features on Gingerbread. Of course, the fact that Verizon is not giving users of the smartphone Ice Cream Sandwich yet may mean that such OS will not be making its way anymore on the Stratosphere.

Users of the Stratosphere may expect the notification that the update is ready for their device one these days. Verizon, however, has not disclosed the particular date when this update will become available.

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  1. Same here, as well as TONS of other NEGATIVE results from this mandatory update.

    SAMSUNG get on the ball!!

  2. I had that same error message, and I let it go for a while, but finally called samsung and they helped me sort that out. Unfortunately I had to reset the phone, but now it connects to my computer. The update didn’t go away or that I’m happy about having the update at all, but resetting it did resolve some of the issues I was having.

  3. I purchased 4 Samsung Stratospheres March this year. Sad to say, 1 the screen simply shattered overnight while sitting on my teens’ bookshelf. That one was replaced by a 2nd hand phone, same model back in Sept and is having minor issues with text turning into Spanish while she is typing them in English. 2nd phone kept rebooting indefinitely. Took it to Verizon store where they ordered her a replacement/refurbished model. Also having the same issue with the testing. Both of which we can deal with. I have had 2 weeks of phone issues – CONSTANTLY (multiple times in a few mins or for up to an hr straight)shuts down/restarts for no apparent reason. I have taken it in to the Verizon and the have reset it once, no change in frequency of the issue and new problems actually formed. 2nd time it was fixed the rep added an advance task killer to it and the problems disappeared after the initial reboot, for 2 days. then back to every time I pick up the phone it shuts off, have to remove the battery, SD card, SIM card, repeat, change order etc…then it works for a few mins or several hours. I have twice received the WINDOWS OP ERROR type black screen of death indicating the OS for the phone has failed. So looks like I will be back to the store to order a refurb model. Lastly my 4th phone is having minor lag issues, but nothing we can’t deal with. Worst phones we have had since the LG Chocolates. ugh. I pay $260/mth x 4 yrs. That’s a LOT of $ to have this many issues. I have 3 apps that I have ever installed. that’s it. i text, look @ FB and play 7 little words and solitaire.

  4. Addendum: My last response on this, and I will have said all I have to say: The last rep we spoke with at Verizon was most helpful; he TRIED. He connected us with Samsung and their technical rep worked through steps with my husband for about an hour (steps he has done so many times he could work for Verizone haha). And the knowledgeable, patient and nice rep couldn’t get it working. Samsung’s solution? We send the phone back to Samsung, for repairs. That would be nice except we would be withOUT a phone for several weeks. This isn’t acceptable. Putting aside the principle of getting what you pay for – I have an hour-long commute, and also have to use the phone for work I do!! Also, it’s our primary connection with the world, as we cancelled our landline. Whatever you do, please learn from our (and many others’) experience: Please don’t sign up with Verizon; if you do, don’t accept a Stratosphere. You know, just one more thing – I wish we had a way of knowing if they are just sending us the same phones over and over?! : ) Just a thought……

  5. I really wish I could have been proved wrong. But yet again, the THIRD replacement phone Stratosphere they sent us has the EXACT SAME problem, refuses to connect to Wi-fi. It is most definitely not our wi-fi connection as (1) the phone we are trying to replacle (Broken sound card they say they) works PERFECTLY with wi-fi, as does our computer. We connect to Wi-fi every day via our laptop. So our choices were (1) ANOTHER, FOURTH replacement of the same phone that has caused the SAME Wi-fi problems (I’ve documented complaints about it from consumers, at five websites), or (2) keep the phone we have, which we can’t hear ring, and we chose the latter. We can at least keep it on vibrate, and we’ll have a working Wi-fi phone. This is not an acceptable response but appears to be our only choice. And yet they recently received votes for the best customer service? How can this be? I guess those consumers haven’t (yet) had to use a Stratosphere. : ) You know, it’s not like we are askng for an upgrades. WE JUST WANT A PHONE THAT WORKS!!! ANY KIND that works. That is very reasonable. We are paying for Wi-fi, and we should be getting it, and it’s just not acceptable to keep sending us the same unusable phones. So we’ll keep using a broken phone, because a phone with no sound is better than a phone with no Wi-fi. Sad choice, eh? I’m an advocate by profession, and normally I can get things done, but we seem to be spinning my wheels here. Anyway hope all have a nice holiday! : )

  6. I just have one more thing to share, then I will hush for now. : ) I know y’all are going to get tired of “hearing from me!” LOL : ) But just fyi, the FTC keeps a list of complaints and the more they get, the better on specific products so IF you feel so inclined you can use their “complaint assistant” form. As Sybil posted on 9-21 (please see above), the Samsung rep actually told one blogger that the more people complained, the faster the problem would be fixed. So IF we feel so inclined, they need to hear from us. : ) As the old saying says, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

  7. I reported Verizon to the FTC as continuing to send out replacement phones that are defective. I hope this will bring good results but I know the wheels of justice grind slowly…..We’ve spoken to about half a dozen reps in four calls this week alone, all to no avail. We are still going to receive THE SAME PHONE, and we expect the same results, no WIFI connection. I hope to be proved wrong! : )

  8. Yes!! If they would admit the problem and WORK on it, that would be great. But as long as they deny it, we are spinning our wheels. We are paying for service (WIFI and reliable phone coverage) and not getting it. I’m not a person who refuses to pay bills; I’m a stickler about that, but I’m looking for some options for us to get this resolved satisfactorily. We are just asking for what we are paying for, nothing more, nothing less.

  9. I am not a techie and can’t ansewr that but I do know this. After getting two replacement phones from Verizon, both of which refuse to connect with WIFI (Which is a good connection, works fine with other phone, printer and Macbook), we have been told there is “no known problem” with the Stratosphere, in spite of the fact that if you do any research out there, you can see many forums where people are having this problem. we told the Verizon rep about these complaints and she said she can’t do anything unless SAMSUNG themselves says there is a problem; she called them and they said there is NO problem. They refuse to send us any other phone but the same one with the problem!! The rep last night said he’d send a different phone, that it was probably a software issue on the Stratosphere but now they are backpedaling and saying “no problem, we can only send you the same phone you have.” So what’s our recourse here?

  10. Same here. It will only charge when connected to my computer. This is only one of many problems. Can’t fix usb settings because it forcecloses all the time. I hate this phone.

  11. My daughter & I both have this phone. So glad to find it is not just us. It’s horrible. Can’t connect to facebook with wifi. Plus my phone is horribly slow. I also have alot of trouble placing calls I dial the number, the phone phases out then goes back to home page it may or may not connect and no way to stop it. This happens everyday. You’ll think it didn’t go thru then you hear somone talking. Sometimes as long as 10 minutes later. I hate this as we use phones as home phones hate to think what’ll happen if I need 911. If I stop & restart phone it usually fixes problem but who wants to have to do that all the time. I’ve really learned my lesson and will stick with motorola from now on.

  12. This unasked for and absolutely unwanted update SUCKS. It has done nothing but make a phone I liked into one I hate. Trust me I’ll be gone soon at this rate, and you can stick your extra charges. This phone is no longer suitable for the purposes I purchased it for. We may see how that principal stands up in court. I suggest that anyone else haing trouble start taking Verizon to court for changing their phones without asking, and ruining its usefulness.

  13. Hi, I have been so aggravated with my phone since the update I could have thrown it off of a very tall building, well building, bridge, Shaquille O’Neal, any tall structure.

    Anywho…I broke down and did a factory reset and that definitely helped with some of the “bugginess”, however, wifi issues stayed the same. Ugh…

    Well believe it or not, I simply turned off mobile data and my wifi connection is suddenly faster than ever. Granted it’s only been a matter of hours but the improvement was amazing and is still holding up. 

    I re-enabled mobile data a couple of times to test it and sure enough, after anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour it started hanging up again. I disabled it yet again and although there wasn’t an immediate improvement, I turned airplane mode on and back off and voila, super speedy wifi again and it did this both times so there seems to be a definite connection (lol, connection, see what I did there?).

    So, hopefully it holds up, it’s been a few hours and it’s still going strong. I’m totally ok with turning mobile data on and off when I’m not in a wifi spot.

    Fingers are crossed and hopefully this helps someone else.

  14. Ive waited for almost a month to decide. And with all the negative experiences im reading im glad that I did. It is a little annoying having to delete the upgrade notification, but I’ll live with it to keep the phone I already love. Thanks, but no thanks Verizon.

  15. I have the same problem and error message since the forced update! Cannot plug my phoen into my computer to access files/photos. So annoying!!!

  16. I HATE MY PHONE NOW. In addition to all the complaints above, now my screen is too bright even on the lowest setting. And what’s with that green glow when you scroll to the end of texr messages or contacts. I called Verizon and also Samsung. No way to undo this update. I told them I feel like they ruined my phone. Very unhappy.

  17. Just talked to a Samsung rep. there is no way to reverse the update. He suggested hard key reset which is crap. I am having all the same problems. I am super frustrated. More that Samsung and Verizon are getting complaints but not doing anything about it. Even if they would just acknowledge the issues and say their working on it, that would be better than flat out denying there’s an issue. I have no idea what to do with this phone now.

  18. you can remove phone number from texts just go into text settings scroll down and uncheck it its close to bottom you will know it when you see it

  19. Not only did it bleed my battery, but my text ring tone was going off 6-8 times a day with no message. Then this week I lost service, phone slowed down on connecting and dialing out. Took back to Verizon and my SD card was damaged from the updates.

  20. I loose my data/internet connection when I’m on a call. Then it takes anywhere from 10 seconds to minutes for data connection to re-establish. Sometimes I have to reboot phone to get the data connection back or turn on/off the Mobile Data. This didn’t happen before the update.

  21. Hate this update! How can I undo it? I also bought it for the puzzle unlock and now it is gone. Also there is a call back number on all mt texts. Hate it!

  22. My husband and I both had the update, and now we are both having problems with our phone charging, and holding a charge. Anyone else having this problem?

  23. This is the last straw. We have been with Verizon over 10 years, and have 5 phones on 2 different plans. 3 of them are MAJOR POS Strats. I’ve lost track of how many replacements we have gotten. NOW, we get this horrible update for them. Same problems as everyone else. My rooted D3 (with 3G) kicks ass over these phones, and is fun to use because it doesn’t FC all the time. Great timing- our contracts are almost up! Time to go shopping…….

  24. Same USB problem here after update. Can’t connect through USB to download pics. It still charges through USB though. There were a couple other minor issues that I’ve forgotten now that I fixed by pulling the battery.

  25. On my second one and it still sucks the life out of the battery. Got an extended battery and it sucked that one to death too. Samsung knows there is a problem and verizon too (“they are working on it” hahahahahahaahaa yeah right) told them to send me a different type of phone and they want to charge me $80 for a reconditioned phone. Does anyone know how to undo the update??? The nice lady at samsung said that the more people who called them, the quicker it would get fixed CALL!!!

  26. This is verizons way to get repeat customers…if our phones suck we wll give up and buy new ones….sorry not forking out any more money to verizon…they can send me a certified like new without these crappy updates…my phone now won’t recognize my sd card..keeps saying prob receiving data…and to get any function to work is dog slow…I feel like I have a smart phone from 1980 now…way to go verizon for screwing us over with this downgrade you call an update

  27. I DL’ed the update today, and now my puzzle is gone! I can’t edit my text settings, and who knows what else is wrong that I haven’t noticed yet! BLECHH!

  28. I hate this update. My battery life is less than half of what it used to be, it’s slower, and the data connectivity is now spotty at best (wi-fi, 3g, and 4g). Most things are now extremely slow to load, and some things, like facebook, won’t load at all most of the time. The only functional improvement I’ve noticed is the camera. Everything else is either aesthetic or a severe downgrade.

    I really hope somebody figures out a way to uninstall this “update” sometime soon.

  29. Has anyone else had in your messages section that certain contact names turn blue? I thought there was a reason connected with that contact but it seems to keep changing and it is annoying as anything.

  30. I now have to charge my phone almost 3 times a day, and I’m not even using it! Before the update, I used to charge it once a day.

  31. got my update this morning. things working fine. I see some differences, but nothing bad has happened. Granted I haven’t rebooted, but so far so good for me… 🙂

  32. The only reason I got the samsung stratsphere was because of the puzzle piece unlock feature. Now its gone I don’t even want the phone anymore. I hate this update!

  33. Same
    “Sorry…Process com.android.setting stopped unexpectedly. Try again”
    Try till you’re blue in the face. Doesn’t let you select USB settings. Can’t download pics or tether/connect computer to my phone.
    Don’t they test these updates before sending them out???
    Don’t want to have to reset everything… HELP!

  34. Yeppp and this is exactly why I didn’t update my phone. I got the prompt to install the update this mourning but I was skepticall that it would mess up a lot of things…and sure enough it did. It also makes me mad that a screen pops up every 10min telling me to install the update.

  35. Same here, went to Verizon company store and they had no idea what to do and said they doubted it was the update. But it certainly was.

  36. This page took me 3 minutes to load using wifi. Update is a downgrade considering half the things I try to do I cant. Way to go Verizon.

  37. I looked at my phone and it is running 2.3.5. Is there a newer update for my phone? If there is how do i get it. I have a samsung stratosphere. it says my phone is up to date.

  38. Getting the same problem with the USB settings. and my battery wont charge like it used to before this update either.. Really makes me want to throw the damn thing in the trash

  39. Since the upgrade Thursday I have lost my USB connection capability. When I plug-in my cord or connect through the settings, I get:

    “Sorry…Process com.android.setting stopped unexpectedly. Try again”

    The only way I can download/upload between is to remove my SD card. If anybody has the same problem, please post.
    Droid Guy… I have seen no comment from Verizon. Please let us know when they respond to all this!!!

  40. I have 2 phone, bought same time and activated same time. one is mine and the other is my wife’s. hers updated 4 days ago and mine has not.

  41. Mine updated this morning but my husband’s phone has not. I was actually afraid that my phone had been hacked until I found this article. A little more warning would have been nice.

  42. im havin the same problem with my wifi…its slow as hell. i dont know if this is temporary but they need to fix this bug asap

  43. Yeah No advance notification of what changes happened so had to reset my pages of apps all over again. I haven’t been able to connect with facebook through my wifi at home since the change as well. I can’t always connect using 3G or 4G in my work office- it goes to nothing! Added to the fact that twice this morning I’ve sent a simple “text message” to a friend who also uses a verizon cellphone and the nessages have not gone through telling me there is a network error! Yup I’m a happy Verizon customer – NOT!

  44. The update went out last night. When I charged my phone, I did not expect to see the phone changed. It would have been nice if they would have sent out an email/text/letter stating that changes are being made to the phone. I had to figure out how each new piece worked.

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