Samsung Timetable For Jelly Bean Update Roll Out Rumored

Jelly Bean was announced a couple months ago but hasn’t been seen on a whole lot of devices, specifically tablets. So far all we’ve seen is Jelly Bean on the Google Nexus 7 when it comes to tablets (aside from international tablets that are garbage in the quality department). Of course, there hasn’t been a slight shortage of custom ROMs for many of the popular Android devices. Even though a lot of these custom ROMs are pretty solid and work really well, they aren’t what I would call “optimized” for tablets. We may be seeing some better ROMs since the Nexus 7’s release (if it’d stay in stock!) but really, a lot of the Jelly Bean ports come off of smartphones. Therefore, a lot of us are really interested to see when officially supported Jelly Bean updates will become available and start rolling out from various manufacturers (come on ASUS!). Those who have Samsung phones will be happy though. A preliminary schedule has been leaked and has given us an idea of what to expect through the end of this year.

With Samsung Galaxy S III begin so popular with selling 10 million units during the week of its release it’s no surprise that they’d want to update the handset first. According to SamMobile Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has already made it through its early testing. Right now they seem to be aiming for some time around the end of September or early October.  That’s quite a bit later than their original plan to release it out in August or September. I hope it does not turn into a constant push-back thing though. It’s obvious the Galaxy S III can handle Jelly Bean and I was quite surprised to find out it wasn’t available for an immediate download when the device released. Hopefully Samsung will live up to the September release so you Galaxy S III lovers will get to experience the sticky goodness of Jelly Bean.

Next on the list is the Galaxy Note 2. It’s quite obvious that this pretty device will be getting the Jelly Bean update. Sources were very unclear as to whether the phone might launch with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean already fired up. I’d be surprised if it didn’t because of how new of a phone this is going to be. If it’s not on the device upon its launch we can probably expect an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to roll out through an early Q4 release. Again, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t have it preloaded on the device upon its launch. It’s very new and from rumors, it sounds like it’s got some pretty kick butt hardware in the device.

Samsung has always been good about keeping their devices and hardware very up to date. This is the reason why many people choose to go with them (and probably why Apple is suing them). Despite the litigation between Apple and Samsung they still choose to go on with their update plans and release dates for their new devices.

Next is a pretty touchy subject on the fact of whether the Samsung Galaxy S II will be getting the update from Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It’s always sounded very uncertain even though consumers know that the hardware can handle it. I’m pleased to tell you that things are looking good on the horizon for the device.  If something goes poorly during future testing on the Galaxy S II the device might be getting a “value pack” reduced-functionality update. Don’t expect this to happen though or even speculate what that type of release would contain. The good news is, if things go wrong with the Galaxy S II it’s getting the Jelly Bean update, if things go splendid with the Galaxy S II it’s still getting a Jelly Bean update.  Like I said, Samsung is fantastic at keeping all of their hardware up to date with all of the new Android technology. If everything goes well and things happen as expected, Samsung will be rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update by the end of the year.  There’s no need for speculations where the Galaxy S II will be getting Jelly Bean or not now!

Lastly, the original Galaxy Note will also be getting Jelly Bean. There hasn’t been much say on when aside from it also getting it by the end of the year.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of this information. But, SamMobile a very, very reliable source is saying that this is the update plans according to a leaked list they received. Either way, hearing some news on the hopes of Jelly Bean for these devices is great to hear. The Galaxy S III I think was almost unnecessary as I’m sure we all expected that flagship and beast of a device to get the update to Jelly Bean.

What’s sad is that we haven’t heard any news on the Samsung tablets. This could very well be because of the litigation against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but then again, Apple is ready to sue Samsung over the Galaxy S III too (I’m sure anyone would with having 10 million sales in the first week!).

We’re very much hoping that we’ll see some confirmation from Samsung very soon. If were to get any information or confirmation anytime soon I think it’s going to be at the launch party for Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 2. Sure It’s going to mostly be about the Galaxy Note 2, but who wouldn’t want to get a crowd of people excited for some nice and delicious updates too?

What do you think about all this speculation and supposed leaked documents, lists or timetables? Would you hop on board with expecting the Jelly Bean update pretty soon for the devices listed? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter at hand!

Note from SamMobile:

This information is provided by the same insiders that told us about the Galaxy Ice Cream Sandwich updates for mobile phones and tablets.

Source: Pocket Now


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  1. “So far all we’ve seen is Jelly Bean on the Google Nexus 7 when it comes to tablets” Really?

    Got my Jelly Bean update on my Xoom wifi around July 25 or so. It’s good, and smoother now. (It also got Ice Cream Sandwich many months ago) While it’s true that the Xoom is no spring chicken, it’s hardly a dinosaur either so, it should still be considered. It’s only about 35 years old in tablet years ( 1 year equals 25 human years. {This would make the 1st generation iPad about 60})

  2. That is wild. I got the 4.0 on my Tmobile Galaxy s2 a few weeks ago and it flies. If i took it off charger it would be close to dead by end of work, now by end of work it is still around 6o+%. Just got 4.0 on Wifi Galaxy tab 10.1 2 days ago and love it.

  3. I got notified of some type of system update. I loaded it and my phone runs like sh*t now. I wish I could remove it. Samsung has been no help at all. I have the 4G Samsung Galaxy II and now it runs slower, drops 3G and tells me no connection, service (number of bars shown) is not as good as it used to be, battery doesn’t last as long and I keep having to reload my yahoo e-mail in because after a couple of days it won’t let me get e-mails and I get a “connection error” notice. It also changed all the menus so you can’t find anything anymore without a huge search or dropped some options completely. Frustrated and now I HATE my phone.

  4. Best direction for consumers now is to hold off their investment and wait till 4.1 releases with new phones. Why buy phones that will not get 4.1?

  5. Are you kidding me about Samsung’s timely updates? Samsung is fortunate to have series of mobile devices marketted!! Who are they trying to fool? Moreover why leak rumors that are ambiguous? I still don’t know where you stand between 4.1 and value pack updates. If test go wrong we still get 4.1? If test fails, how can 4.1 works on SII, really? I believe totally that SII is not getting it. Moreover, Sam can keep that Value Pack and shove it!! This is lame.

  6. ‘Samsung is fantastic at keeping all of their hardware up to date with all of the new Android technology.’

    No it isn’t. It’s rollout of Android 4 was a botched job

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