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Samsung Montage Release Date, Specs, Price & Features

Samsung Montage is one of the devices Samsung is hoping to perform well in the United States with its full QWERTY, slide-out keyboard. Rumors and speculations about this device emerged just this month and Montage was confirmed to be heading straight to Sprint Nextel Corporation with a different name; Samsung Array.

Samsung Montage

Earlier this month, Virgin Mobile, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nextel also confirmed rumors that it will soon offer the feature handset but it will preserve the name unlike its mother company. It also said in a statement that Samsung Montage will be put under its PayLo portfolio.

Aside from this two connected companies, nothing is being rumored to add Montage on their list. So, it is safe to assume that Sprint and its subsidiaries will sell this handset in the US exclusively [until we hear otherwise], although that has never been confirmed by Samsung either.

Samsung Montage Specs

Neither Samsung nor Sprint announced the official specs of this handset yet but some tipsters were able to leak out a little information about its composition. There was a press photo published online so those who have been following it since the rumor mill started should now have a clearer idea what it would look like when it arrives in the market.

Montage’s full QWERTY keyboard slides out on the left side (with phone facing the user). However, people who are not used to using it has also an option to use the more traditional mobile keyboard in front.

There is no information as to the kind of processor Samsung will be using in this device but it was confirmed the memory would be 256MB only. What’s also certain for now is that it will sport a micro SD slot supporting up to 32GB external memory.

Montage will come sporting a 2-megapixel camera; it is surely unimpressive for a feature phone but at first glance no one would think it’s going to be a multimedia mobile device. For now, CDMA is the only technology confirmed to come with it. Also, it will come packed with 1,000 mAh battery that could last up to 4 hours of straight usage.

Samsung Montage Features

So, aside from the slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, Montage or Array also boasts of its 1.4 inches QVGA display. It supports Bluetooth 3.0, MP3 playback, email and threaded text messaging.

Upon delivery, there will only be 5 items you need to check: the Samsung Montage main unit, travel charger, USB data cable, battery packed with 1,000 mAh, and Getting Started Guide. There’s no way this device would be competing with other Samsung handsets even those that belong in the entry-level category.

Pricing and Availability

While there is no information as to the actual price of Samsung Montage, reports suggest that it is going to see the sun on August 20th. Sprint didn’t reveal the official pricing plans for this device but based on the latter’s statement that it will be put under its PayLo plan, we can almost determine how much the monthly obligation would be. Plus, the official Montage page is now up in Virgin Mobile’s website.


Samsung Montage may not be the kind of phone everyone would want to use especially that it’s not really designed to fulfil the tasks of a full-blown smartphone. However, having a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard is one thing that makes this device stand out. As far as communication is concerned, it is expected to deliver. And being budget-friendly, it is almost certain anyone who needs a phone could afford it.

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  1. I’m a senior and recently subscribed to your Paylo service. Unfortunately your (Virgin’s) phone options for this service are extremely limited two (2) regrettably I selected Samsung Montage SPH- M390ZSAVMU Phone $49.99
    , only to experience the following malfunctions I am now stuck with this a horrible, useless phone. Samsung has offered no viable solutions. As a senior on a fixed income $52.49 (tax) is not an amount that comes easy and I can just throw away on a worthless phone.

    The security software is ineffective, useless, and disastrous. This phone sucks!

    1) I work in a HIGH AND MIDDLE SCHOOLS and it is ESSENTIAL and CRUCIAL to turn the phone off and have it LOCKED when it is turned ON.

    This phone is not locked upon turn on. (All of the other phones I’ve had have this function).

    This is a COMMON SENSE function that I though was available on all cell phones.

    2) The battery is horrible two (2) short calls and the battery need recharging shows only two bars or less.

    3) When the Key Guard is on there is no way to operate the alarm functions without awaking and REMOVING the KEY GUARD. Once again a COMMON SENSE function.

    4) When forwarding a text message, you cannot access the contact list.

    5) The support people at Samsung afforded absolutely no solutions.


    As a former main frame computer project designer, I know these are bad software designs and errors (except for the battery) that should be easily fixable with a software update which Samsung is either unwilling or do not have the technical skills to accomplish.

    Because of this inadequacy I will have no other choice other than to change services from Paylo (since this service only uses Samsung inadequate products) and get rid of Samsung’s WORTHLESS phone.

    I have NEVER had a phone that COULD NOT be lock upon TURN OFF and ON, I am afraid this phone’s functionality is unacceptable. How then am I supposed to PROTECT my NEWLY required phone?

    I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A SAMSUNG PRODUCT AGAIN, if there products are so POORLY MADE and Samsung can only say “SORRY” the FUNCTIONALITY (common sense) is not there’.


    I should have gone for the $20.00 maybe it worked better functionally.

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