Review: Brightwood Adventures

Available On: Android

Price: Free, In-App Purchases

Download: Google Play

Brightwood Adventures was created by developer Kiwi Inc. Upon installing this game you will find that it’s much like games you would experience on Facebook or really anything that is developed by Zynga or similar developers. The largest thing you will notice and maybe even be happy over is that you don’t have to pay real money to feel like you’re advancing in the game at all. Nor do you have to spam your friends with invites to get what Zynga calls “neighbors.” It’s strictly a singleplayer game though, so you won’t be experiencing any multiplayer features whatsoever.

As any Zynga game or in this case game by Kiwi, you’ll be building your farm or as Google Play says, “your own glorious village.” It also boasts that you’ll be able to explore the “Dark Forest.” The only complaint I have to this is it seems like a copy off of Disney’s “Gnome Town.” If you’ve read my past reviews you’ll notice that I hate it when developers are not unique at all and take inspiration off of another game. Inspirations okay, but when it plays so much like someone else’s game, it’s a bit over the top. With that said, Brightwood Adventures is much like Disney’s Gnome Town.

As far as graphics go, you will not be experiencing anything like Facebook’s graphics. This is the one thing the game excels at. Using the advanced high definition graphics of the Android platform, Brightwood Adventures is very vibrant. You’ll notice right away that this game is nothing like something you would play on Facebook. I do have to say, the high definition graphics are very nice but I feel the sounds in the game are fairly annoying. It didn’t feel like it went with the game at all and made things feel really awkward.

As far as gameplay, it’s the standard Facebook gameplay. It’s also not something that’s really not my type of game at all. I think this game more appeals to casual players that are just looking to pass some time or trying to find something less “violent” so to speak. Games like Dead Trigger and some other more “violent” games I have reviewed just aren’t the type for some people. This game kind of fills that void for those who are looking for a middle ground or something in between casual and action. So far, there has been no game breaking bugs, so it really is perfect for the casual gamer. Not to mention that game is free or anything though!

Overall it’s a pretty decent game for casual gamers, but again not my type of game. I can see where many people would enjoy this game though. It’s free and it’s developers have some dang good updates and support for the game.

If you’re into casual games I would really suggest giving Brightwood Adventures a look. I won’t guarantee that everyone will like this game as it is indeed made for casual players that would like games on Facebook or by Zynga in general.



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  1. Can not conect brightwood adventures to my facebook account can u please fix this problem please I like playing brightwood adventures but I need to be connected to facebook

  2. I lost my save after i reinstall the app Shipwrecked:Lost Island ,it’s about initialed from the date May the 26th to June the 15th.Could i get some help from kiwi.inc’s support?

  3. I can’t access the snowy forest. I don’t know what’s going on. Math I missed the quest cause of lack of axes. Or maybe it was one of those expired quests. Help.

  4. I can’t find the snowy forest portal and have quests that need it. I also keep getting quests to buy building and things that are not available for so many levels they don’t even show up as locked in the store. I also have got a bunch of quests to get items like the frog potion that needs the tub of bubbling brew but I have no idea where to find the tub or the piles of leaves I have spent way to much money on this game to try and get around all those glitches of things I can’t get but this is crazy! I can’t keep buying all this gold please HELP I don’t want to delete this game it was fun but I won’t keep wasting my money. I have a group of friends all having this problem we have spent over $100. If the game ceeps going like this we will delete all of our kiwi games. I really hope you can help thank you

  5. All the jungle has grown back and bunched my buildings together. Tried to clear more and it keeps coming back
    This sucks and it looks like one more person will be deleting the game. I would never spend money on it. Oil.

  6. I put a lot of money and time in playing BRIGHTWOOD ADVENTURE and SDIPWRECKED game. They are a lot of fun to play when I can get on the games and when I get on them it goes blank and force close. I report but NO RESPONSE BACK….. This is not right to the players that put money and time in these games. The right thing to do is fix the games or credit some of our money back. It would be nice if you can respond back and fix the problems………………..

  7. I’m unable to collect my houses trees…the games frozen…what do I do?? Help! Ps…back off on having us use our axes up so fast…or give me a way to collect more….this game is becoming too costly…if it continues I will need to stop…thank u!

  8. I have bought axes and have not received them. Also, in the last couple of days my houses and buildings have not been maturing, I cannot collect on 95% of them!! What happen????? I have been playing this for almost a year I love my critters. Please help : (

  9. Every time I explore the cave for my quest I never get my item just gold bars !!! What’s up with that ?? I keep wasting my axes & they are not easy to come by !!! This is the first game I’ve ever spent money on so it pisses me off !!! And you need to do something about the honey. I’ll never be able to finish all these quests using honey in my lifetime !!! LOL…. I’m not gonna buy gold to complete that’s just asinine!!! HELP!!!!! Please!!!!! Thanks…….:)

  10. Please help me. My Brightwood adventures game keep missing up buildings keep
    Getting suck into the portals’ the snow one not the scary one

  11. Me too paid for gold did not receive contacting kiwisupport was totally useless I have spent over 100 dollars buying content for this game since I downloaded it in July they definitely need to learn about customer service or no one will be playing their games me included

  12. I have been getting ripped off playing bright wood. I buy the gold, axes, etc , so I help them but they won’t help me. have sent four emails asking for help….. but no reply… does anyone even read the emails? or are you too busy taking our money? I would love to keep playing but I’m stuck because of your games taking things back after I buy them… please help

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