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HTC HD2 Android: Is It Ready For Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

Both Android and Windows Phone enthusiasts were amazed when HTC HD2 Android came out of the open last year. This is basically not a new model but a modified version of HTC HD2, a Windows Phone-driven smartphone—dubbed with a model number T8585—released in October 2009. The unit was among the most popular smartphones a couple of years ago because of its relatively high specs; in 2009, a phone with a single-core processor clocked at 1GHz was so powerful.

HTC HD2 Android first tasted Android 2.2 Froyo for a short period of time. When the stable version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread was released, XDA Developers were able to port it almost immediately and amazingly, the phone worked perfectly as if the operating system was also tailored for it to run. GB doesn’t really need high specs to run perfectly, in fact, HTC HD2 Android’s specs are more than enough.

When Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released, the same group of people made it possible for HTC HD2 to run on it, although there was a significant decrease in performance and speed. Nevertheless, for owners who want to experience the sweetness of ICS, it was good enough to know the device wouldn’t break down if more advanced Android version is flashed into it.

HTC HD2 Android never had a problem with 3 generations of Android starting from Froyo, Gingerbread then the ICS. The question is can it run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? Considering it only has 448MB RAM and 1GHz processor, many people are doubtful it could run the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. However, one instance, a hacker showed a budget-friendly smartphone LG Optimus One P500 running on Jelly Bean, albeit he noted the phone’s performance was really poor with it. Optimus One only has 256MB RAM and 800 MHz CPU; way lower than HTC HD2’s specs.

For me, apparently, HTC HD2 Android is not ready—not even designed to run Android—for Jelly Bean but it might be able to manage running OS. The thing is there is no point is forcing a smartphone run on an advanced OS if it is unusable due to poor performance. I think HTC HD2 Android will be stuck with ICS and if owners want to retain better performance, they should revert to Gingerbread and stay out of the idea of giving it Jelly Bean.


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  1. I use cyonogenmod 10 and it has some bugs with camera and gallery, but does run smoothly like butter. But didn’t find stable relese. Can you let us know which Rom you use for JB?? perhaps a download link to it.

  2. Sorry, Harold, I’ve had Jellybean on my HD2 for over two months and I do not see any problems with it at all. A month or so after the official launch of ICS, it ran much smoother on the HD2, and there was no “significant decrease in performance and speed” at all; in fact, it runs faster than gingerbread for me.

  3. after WinCE I flashed ICS on to my HD2 and now I installed JB from smokin901. My phone performs like a charm. I can confirm, that he HD2 can run JB just fine. And there is no battery drain problem.

  4. The biggest problem with the Android ports has never been phone performance. I have ported ICS on my HD2 and it is still smoother than Windows Mobile ever was!!! The problem is battery performance. When running Android, one must recharge the phone at least once a day – twice if heavily used.

    I have not tried JB on the HD2 yet but, on my Galaxy Nexus, JB runs much better that ICS so I believe JB is less resource hungry than ICS.

    I say the HD2 can run JB just fine, if the user is happy to accept the fast battery drain.

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