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Galaxy S III Sales Increased After the Apple-Samsung Trial Verdict: Report


The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of Samsung’s hot sellers like most of its flagship smartphones. But some would have imagined things would slow down after Samsung lost a patent lawsuit slammed on it by Apple. If you remember, Samsung was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages to Apple. Although, the company hasn’t yet paid as it has filed for an appeal, the whole episode was considered to be a major setback. And in a time like this, one would expect Samsung’s sales to falter. But in stark contrast, the sales seem to have convincingly improved after the verdict was passed. According to a recent survey conducted by Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research, Samsung could have actually benefited from the patent trials and the jury’s subsequent ruling.

The Galaxy S III has been around for quite a while now and one would imagine the sales to be running pretty moderately. But the survey team that visited five Sprint stores and three Verizon stores, noticed that the Galaxy S III had outsold the iPhone 4S in all of them. Moreover, the Galaxy S III was sold out in three Sprint’s stores out of five, so that tells you exactly how much people want the smartphone now. Chowdhry also visited five AT&T stores where he was told that the sales of the device had risen significantly.

Some believe that the drastic improvement in sales is due to the verdict, although this is not completely true. It is possible that people are rushing to get the smartphone, before some sort of an injunction is passed on the device. While the chances of that happening look very slim, people might not think so. Or maybe consumers were just sympathetic towards Samsung post the verdict. The Galaxy S III has managed to impress all camps and the sudden increase in sales could only mean good news for Samsung.

As Forbes rightly mentions, it will be interesting to see how the smartphone will fare post the inevitable arrival of the next generation iPhone. People are eagerly awaiting the new iPhone, and unless Samsung has a plan scheduled to defuse the threat, we could see it being a huge success like the previous iterations of the iPhone. In the meanwhile, we also have Windows Phone 8 devices arriving slowly, the first of which (also by Samsung) was revealed yesterday. So in the coming days, it seems like the Galaxy S III, the new iPhone and the lot of Windows Phone 8 devices prepping release will battle against each other for dominance in the market.

Source: Forbes
Via: Phone Arena


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  1. I havent gotten one yet but have been thinking about it for two reasons, one because i might want one before they are banned or somehow restricted and second to show I think it is a different and superior phone to the iPhone

    –frustratingtly written from my iPad.

  2. Woaaahh… I was planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy S III for me and my spouse now that I’ve finally reached the end of my 2-yr contract with my Palm Pre and Pixi. Looks like I better move fast before they all run out!

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