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Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update to Roll Out Alongside Galaxy Note II Launching

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update is rumored to roll out simultaneously with the official launching of Galaxy Note II on August 29th. This is after reports that Samsung has already been testing the firmware for a few weeks now. The date also falls on the reported official unveiling date of the second generation of Samsung’s Galaxy Note device dubbed as Mobile Unpacked event to be held in Berlin.

The Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S3 is expected to bring even more features, major improvements and tweaks while taking away few functionality and features that allegedly infringe Apple’s patents. So, amidst Apple’s plans to sue Samsung over the third generation

Galaxy S device, the South Korean company shows no signs of stopping as far as improving its newest flagship are concerned.

Jelly Bean is considered as an incremental upgrade from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich so there could be nothing really special when it comes to the designs of common components of the OS. A user was able to capture Galaxy S III on video which shows Android 4.1 is almost the same as with ICS except for some details.

Among the things Galaxy S3 owners are expecting to receive from the new update are the following:

Redesigned Login Screen. This is not a device-specific feature so anyone who updates their phones from ICS to Jelly Bean will probably enjoy the new look of their login screen. This includes resizable app widgets to make everything fit on screen or display something the way the user wants.

Photo Sharing Made Easy. Users can now share photos or screenshots right from the notification bar. This could be of the minor updates included in the 4.1 package yet because of the popularity of the social networks today, it could be appreciated just like other major features.

Samsung and Google have already acted upon the universal search feature on Galaxy S III by releasing a minor security update just recently to bring the device away from harm’s way due to Apple’s threats. So, the smarter search feature before is now a dumber one.

Another feature that might just be gone is the S-Voice. Apple says it infringes its patents for Siri so to make GS3 sales unscathed, Samsung might decide to take it away. However, it may also create an impact considering it is among the major features Samsung has been boasting about even before the device was released in May.

Samsung is trying to squeeze its GS3 to bring in more revenue so it follows that the company will probably roll out the update as early as this month alongside the announcement of Galaxy Note 2. But let’s have to wait and see if these rumors and reports are true. But even so, it may take a little longer for the U.S. owners to receive the update especially for carrier-branded units; each carrier will have to test Jelly Bean if it conforms with their respective networks. Changes will be made and each Android version will pass Google’s approval. Protocols will really eat up more time more than anything.

[Source: GSM Arena]

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  1. I support Samsung and there products. The are among of the top great technology we’ve in the world?

  2. Siri, gimme a break. There have been many voice applications on phones before Siri was ever conceived. They just weren’t that useful and responsive. Heck my BlackBerry Torch has voice search on it but it just God awful. I don’t think they should get rid of the Galaxy S-Voice but it definitely needs improvement and it should be a little more innovative, possibly more a comprehensive option that allows you to speak to S-Voice in several different dialects and languages. Although I will be honest here. Don’t think the Galaxy Note 10.1 is going to knock out the IPad 3 sales and frankly putting another tablet out there when the market is just over saturated with tablets may prove to do them more harm then good. Plus I see the specs are just slightly less than modernized that the IPad. Although that quad core processor is going to be a beast. When it upgrades to Jelly Bean 4.1 and it will then hopefully it will convey a different outlook.

    But I support Samsung and there products. There just kickin’ ass.

  3. Hey Rob,

    I believe Galaxy Note II would be the perfection of the first generation galaxy note so I think we can expect it be at its best when released. It would surely be worth the wait so reading reviews while waiting could be the best thing to do.

    Well, good luck with your future phone!

  4. I’m looking forward to the note 2. I hope they keep s voice
    It’s o e of the many reasons why I’m choosing it
    Over apple. Plus screen size is the real selling point for me. I’m due for an upgrade in January and I know it’s gonna be hard to wait. But I can’t see dishing out 900-1000 for a non contract phone. So in conclusion I’ll be reading all the reviews of the note 2 till my upgrade is ready!

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