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FBI cracks a whip on illegal Android markets

According to US Department of Justice, FBI and the International Police have cracked down on three leading domains which sold stolen Android applications. The three domains to be seized include applanet.net, appbucket.net, and snappzmarket.com.

Users directing to these sites would be shown a FBI warning which showcases the seizure document and that FBI now holds the complete rights for this website.

FBI reportedly has worked this plan out with the help of French and Italian police, who filed nine arrest warrants and also cracked down on local servers to trace down their IPs and preserve the much needed evidence.

This is what FBI special agent in-charge had to say on this, “The theft of intellectual property is the sort of problem which cannot be ignored by the US government’s law enforcement community. The fact that these thefts cost companies millions of dollars cannot be ignored. Also, such illicit practices squander the growth and development of new ideas or applications.”

“Cracking down on piracy of copyrighted material – like popular apps – should be the top priority of the Criminal Division” said Assistant Attorney General Breuer, Department of Justice.

“Apps have become an integral part of nation’s economy and culture. Our Criminal Division is working closely with our law enforcement firms to nab those culprits down, who wish to steal it.”

In a statement, DOJ reports that FBI agents found thousands of applications (top-paid mostly) from top-notch developers being cracked and off on sale. They claim to have found some malicious chunk of code as well.

We think this might intimidate other illegal app stores which have sprouted up with the expansion of Android apps.

We thoroughly hope FBI cracks down on a few more sites and halts the distribution of illegal apps, as far as they can. Not only should the sites be sealed, but the culprits behind hosting such illegal content should also be punished severely. Also, people who use/download such apps should be penalized heavily for encouraging/ endorsing illicit motives.

With Jellybeans porting the DRM feature (the one which would encrypt each app with the device specific key) soon to Android devices, we expect the piracy levels on Android to be on a descent.


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  1. They should be able to take down websites.
    _AFTER_ they have proven something in court!

    When they seize your business and ‘disappear’ your website on suspicion without any form of proof being presented and a chance for it to be rebutted in a court, they are punishing you without due process.

    People, when you looked the other way when they did it to drunk drivers and drug users, you lost the right to complain about them doing it to everyone else.

    Amerika: Because proof is for free countries!

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