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Android Phones Outsell iPhones in Q2 2012

For every iPhone sold in Q2 2012, there are four Android phones sold in the market. This figure comes from a study by IDC which shows an increase from last year’s ratio of 2.5 is to 1.

Samsung accounts for much of the sales, reporting 105 million Android smartphones sold between the months of April to June. To date, the South Korean company is the number one maker of smartphones. Apple comes at second place.

The Android operating system by Google now has 68 percent of the global market share. Last year, it only controlled 47 percent for the second quarter.

Meanwhile, iPhone sales have dropped from 19 percent during the second quarter last year to 17 percent this year. A new iPhone, however, is believed to be launching this year and help pull up these figures for Apple.

There is, however, a downside to these figures for Android users. Along with the rise in the number of Android-based phones sold comes the increase in malware that Android users may download. The Finland-based security company F-Secure notes in the F-Secure Mobile Threat Report that they had gotten their hands on 5,033 examples of such software in Android application package files. The figure that F-Secure obtained was lower by as much as 64 percent during the first three months of this year. Android malware is moreover expected to even increase further during the second quarter.

The report also reveals that those creating the malware are employing new ways of attacking but older ones are still in use. One example would be drive-by downloads, where users visiting websites are automatically made to download files. Likewise, 81 percent of mobile threats involve the use of Trojans.

The good news is that most of these malicious software are frequently found on third-party websites. Thus, to avoid malware, Android users are often cautioned to stick to the official Google Play store when they want to download apps.

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  1. You GO! Android! ANDRODIANS ROOL! Make “wormfood” out of “much over rated GLORIFIED Crapple”!

    They should have confiscated ALL crapple devices and planted them in the ground with “Jobs”.

    As the saying goes “a good crapple is a…”

  2. These articles are as much a laughable propaganda machine for Google’s darling Android mobile OS as Fox News is for the Republicans. Its easy to fool the uninformed, again, just ask Fox News. Sure, the statistics given are true, but have been given a “spin” in Android’s favor by the author. First, lets look at the claim that for every iPhone sold, there are 4 Android phones sold. That is not difficult to imagine given that there are probably 20 or more BRAND NEW Android based phones on the market at any given time as opposed to, at most, 3 models of the iPhone. And of those 3 iPhone models, two of them are simply older models of the current phone! Also, Android phones cross the spectrum of cost from high end devices like the Galaxy SIII to the cheap and clunky phones some PayAsYouGo carries stock. This basically means that more people can afford Android, even if the buyer beware. Apple targets ONLY the high end market with its phones, as it does will all its other devices. This is not about being a trendy status symbol, but about ensuring the best customer experience possible. If you like statistics, google the comparative numbers on customer satisfaction and return rates between iPhones and any Android phone out there and I think you’ll find that once again, despite Androids ubiquity, it still takes second place to iPhone as a consumer favorite. In short, would Android be where it is in market share if one were to pick out only 3 of its phones to match against Apple?? Very doubtful.

  3. In the end, when it all comes down to it, Android simply is the better OS for developers, carriers, and end-users alike

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