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Verizon Leaked Document Says HTC Rezound to Get Android 4.0 ICS Update (July 29th)

Update (07/28): As we reported yesterday, HTC Rezound was due for an ICS update.  Now we can fill in the blank for the TBD date.  From what we’ve gathered, HTC Rezound will begin releasing ICS updates via OTA starting tomorrow (July 29th).   The update is also available for pull on August 1st (check system updates: Settings -> About phone -> System Updates).  As you can see below, the size of the update will be 292MB.

What’s also interesting from this screenshot is that only 71% of the Motorola Razr & Maxx ICS updates have been completed so far since they started its update back in June.   Verizon has managed to leave out 29% of the Motorola phone owners for the ICS update after a month.  So Rezound owners shouldn’t expect too much from Verizon here, give it a couple weeks if you don’t get the upgrade tomorrow.


A portion of a photographed Verizon Wireless document shows that HTC Rezound would be getting a generous over-the-air (OTA) update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on a date yet “To Be Determined.” This is after many Rezound owners have been complaining about the delayed arrival of the most wanted ICS OS.

This is going to be a major update and that explains why the size of the package reaches up to 292MB. A good internet connection is required to download the update faster. While there is no official word from Verizon about this OTA update, the following are said to be the new features that will come with the latest Android version;

  • V CAST Media Manager – this feature that comes packed with the device will be receiving a major overhaul. Instead of rolling out update and retain the name, Verizon said it will now be called Backup Assistant Plus. There will be new features to come with the new name, of course.
  • Caller Name ID app – the updated version of this app is coming along with ICS OTA update to hit Rezound soon.
  • Wireless Alerting System – with the new update, this feature is said to be enabled by default, owners can still be able to disable it, though.
  • Time Zone Issues – there were a few complaints about Time Zone accuracy and Verizon has reportedly acknowledged it and the fix is on the way.
  • Improved data connectivity
  • Improved Mobile Hotspot feature 
  • Device stability improved
  • Few improvements on default mail app

Again, I would want to reiterate that all information provided herein are not from Verizon, rather from a piece of picture that sources claimed to come from an official Verizon document photographed and leaked online (please refer to the image above). We still have to wait for the official announcement as to when the update will be made available for download.



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  1. What pissed me off was when we first got Rezounds back in December, we could have battery on economy and it would get 4G connectivity, then after some stupid upgrade we HAVE to have it on high performance to get 4G, otherwise it drops to 3G….BS!

  2. It goes by who activated first most of third people are ceo Corp ect ppl who got it b4 lauch then us little guy just wait and breath

  3. This looks just like one of the pages from vzw for sure 😉 I know it goes to first activated so your gonna have to wait in line or wait for the pull.day ill just pull it my self I got my fone a month after launch so I ain’t waitig for a push lol

  4. Well its sunday the 29th and no update. When are all these rumors gonna stop. Its worse than going to a catty hair salon and listening to everbody talk s@#t.

  5. This is crazy how many timea do i have to check webpages for one update? Just give us the damn update already, stop talking andd doo it stop posting unless your sure, coming from verizon this isnt very professional… But id be damnd if it comes out today… But wont happennnnn-_________-

  6. I called, the women looked at everything she knew to look at, and offered to send me to her supervisor, which I did, I complemented her thoroughness, Supervisor has no idea of any incoming update, I just love Verizon O_o

  7. What’s with all this rumor bs? Neither Verizon or htc have made any official statements regarding this update. These “leaks” look so fake to begin with.

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