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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Could Have Different Launch Dates for US and Europe Markets

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 2 has not managed to raise as much hype as the Galaxy S3 smartphone did but it is still one of the most anticipated and most debated Android gadgets as of now.  There have been rumors over the past month about this smaller tablet or phablet especially concerning the release dates but it appears now that Samsung may have to launch the device on two different dates in August – For the American and for the European and global market.

Last week, Samsung sent out mysterious media invites for a ‘major event’ where there was expected ‘announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device’ on August 15th but it did not fit with earlier speculations.  This almost guaranteed that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Note 2 right before the IFA in Germany.  There have been speculations regarding the device specs as well, all pointers indicating a 5.5 Inch screen, 3G and 4G LTE support, Exynos 4 Quad or a new Samsung-made quad processor.

There is a chance that Samsung may announce the phablet in two separate events – On August 15th and on August 30th but there is no shred of proof to this speculation.

The American market may get the launch first on 15th and the European and global market two weeks later on August 30th.  If Samsung chooses to launch the device twice – separately, there is a high chance that there will be difference between the two versions of the phablet.  This would not be such a surprise though, it appears the US market always gets a raw deal – like with the S3 where the devices for the US market came with dual core processors while those for the European and the Global market featured quad-core processors.

This rumor seems noteworthy largely because Samsung has had the habit of releasing European market devices in advance of the US market.  For now, we just have to keep our eyes and ears open, when we hear anything we will let you know.

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  1. At first I believed you had a point in deriding the overt patriotism or rather jingoism of a previous commenter. Until of course, you succumbed to petty jibes and the usual baseless conjecture that makes up a Fandroids argument. No, no, no before I get spammed by Fandroids united I’ll point out that ifans are just as illogical and idiotic. As far as I am concerned there is no purpose served by going into the “enemy” camp and bitching about the quality of your device over everyone else’s. Only facts stick with me, and what are facts supported by? Evidence, personal testimony and statistical data. Statistically, neither Android nor Apple are having commercial success right now but ate both technological jugernauts. Only Samsung made a profit last year in the entire Android platform whereas Apple failed to meet analysts expectations for the first time in a decade because of the rumored iPhone 5. What does this mean? It means that customers should focus on the mobile manufacturers they want to succeed and quit bashing other OS’s or bringing in country of origin preference. Does it suck that Samsung hands everything to South Korea on a silver platter? Yes, but doesn’t Apple to the same in the US? Even CANADA, did not get a functioning Siri, it doesn’t do a f*cking thing over there besides calendar scheduling. Back to the main point, seeing as neither of the two biggest phone brands (Apple and Android) are hitting their mark save for a few products such as the s3, the rumored note 2 and iPhone 5, perhaps people should focus in their own company for now. Unless you want them all to go the way of the dodo, while everyone’s fighting over a choice they’ve already made? I went Android first, then Apple, next year it will be…? It’s all about quality for me not screen size or yelling fans or spam in a can. What makes a device right for you and why? That’s what customers really should prioritize on, seeing as time is money. Sorry for the long reply, but baseless allegations and stupid OS wars grind my gears 🙂

  2. If the world could agree on a cellular radio standard, then everyone could have the same device everywhere in the world.

  3. I might respect your patriotism but your view is quite far from the truth.
    Firstly, it’s a very biased US-based view to think Apple was the original touch phone with that design. LG was the first capacitive touchphone creator with the home button on the bottom middle.
    Though it might be comfortable to believe Apple is a perfectly ethical company and “the US always get the raw deal,” non-Westerners are thinking the exact opposite. Maybe you should read up “white man’s burden.”
    On top of this, the Galaxy Note is not similar to the iPhone or iPad, and if you think it is, it just means you have no idea what you’re talking about whatsoever.
    I think Apple will end up like Blackberry.
    Kind regards

  4. This puzzles me. Most people really need to be ethical when choosing a business. In this case, North Americans should really send a message to Samsung that it is NOT acceptable for the US to always get the raw deal when it comes to devices.

    For this reason plus Samsung’s deliberate rebelliousness in ignoring everyone’s including their own and Google’s warnings not to make devices similar to Apple or iOS, people in North America should avoid Samsung smarthphones. In addition, Google came out recently saying that iOS is now the ideal OS for smartphones.

    I just hope Samsung ends up like Kodak did in their war with Polaroid decades ago.

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