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Review: SuperGNES (SNES Emulator)

Available On: Android

Price: Free, $3.99

Download: Google Play

Ever wanted to break out those old games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)? Well, it’s now very possible to do on all Android devices that are compatible with Bubble Zap Games’ app, SuperGNES. The SuperGNES app will take games you download for the SNES on your Android device and will open those games for you to play. It automatically detects what games are there, so it’s very hassle free with very little configuration to set up. One time I wasn’t able to detect the game, but that was fixed with a simple reboot of the phone. Once it booted back up it was completely fine and launched the game fast and flawlessly.

It’s very easy to locate and scroll through a list of ROMs you’ve downloaded on your Android device. Scrolling through the list makes it very easy to choose which game you want to play. Not only that but the SuperGNES has these listings complete with cover art for each individual game. I am currently playing through Chrono Trigger. It’s a game that I have heard been talked about a lot but personally never played. The ROM was very small to download thankfully, which was probably due to the era the game was developed in.

I love the idea of having an app that will emulate older games that I have personally never gotten to play. I’ve come across a few errors though in the process of testing out Chrono Trigger. The game completely bugs and glitches out when I try to save the state of where I currently am in the game. The same thing happens when I try to load the saved state if the save happens to work. I don’t understand why this feature wasn’t fixed before a release. Another key part of the app is completely useless and glitchy. This is yet another perfect example of either developers not testing it before they released it or something they decided they’d look at at a later time.

The second issue I have been experience is that when I try to change literally anything in the settings the game will crash and even freeze up my phone thus forcing me to restart it. Other reviewers have said that it’s restarted the phone on it’s own, but I haven’t experienced such a thing yet. I’ve just had to manually restart it. That still is really annoying, but at least it’s not random restarts.

Aside from those two issues, I think Bubble Zap Games has a great app in the works if they could just get those two issues fixed fast. The $3.99 they are asking for I don’t feel is worth it until the save state feature actually works properly. Other wise you essentially have a worthless emulator when you constantly have to restart your game every time you want to play. It’s a great idea, but it was terribly implemented. I may do another review when these issues are fixed, but until then don’t purchase the app. It’s really not worth your money unless you’re going to sit and play through a SNES game in one sitting. SNES games happen to be very long, so the chances of that are minimal.


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  1. Hi guys, I’ve been searching for a solution for the rat problem and this page appeared. Well what worked for me was to create a custom L+R key assigned to my VOLUME UP physical key (other ones would not work) and then press A. Hope to help future players.

  2. Me too. Playing Chrono Trigger and I’m stuck at the part after catching the rat and have to enter the password….my phone won’t register the three fingered combo….HELP!

  3. I read your review on the emulator app about chrono trigger, I also am curious as to how to fix this so I can play it.

  4. hey i would really love a reply to this, you played crono trigger you say, but at the part where you catch the rat and have to put in the three button combo L+R and A…….i dont think my phone can read three fingers at once, how can i fix this……

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