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Nokia Lumia Merely Sold 330,000 Units in the U.S


According to multiple reports, Nokia has only sold 330,000 units of the Lumia smartphones in the U.S. These numbers are including the Lumia 800 and the 710 in addition to AT&T’s Lumia 900. The numbers are surprising especially considering the marketing strategy carried out by Nokia for the Lumia series. That doesn’t seem to have worked out all that well for the company, though initial sales figures were believed to have surpassed expectations.

A close analysis of the numbers obtained by comScore and Nielsen suggest that Lumia hasn’t been a success after all, despite reports suggesting otherwise. According to Asymco, who managed to do some number crunching, the total number of Lumia smartphones sold isn’t more than 330,000. The numbers don’t seem to be improving anytime soon with the existing customers fairly disappointed with the no Windows Phone 8 roll out news.

So here’s basically how the number crunching was done. According to comScore, the United States has a total of 110 million smartphone users. And Nokia Windows Phones accounted for 0.3% of all the smartphones sold in the U.S. So take Nokia’s number (taken as 0.003) and multiply it by 110 million and you get 330,000. Yes, shocking indeed.  HTC and Samsung are projected as having 0.5% of the U.S Windows Phone marketshare. So this should probably give you an estimate of the Lumia’s success in the country which was initially expected to break all records and even surpass the iPhone’s sales. Nokia’s alleged back up plan with Android seems like a much viable option now. But all things considered, the users ought to give Windows Phone 8 a chance as that appears to be the saving grace for Nokia.

The Lumia series isn’t doing quite well in Europe and Asia either, with Android dominating all the way. So this basically tells us that shelling out heaps on advertising doesn’t really matter. It wouldn’t be wrong to add that the Lumia smartphones arrived a little too late to the party. We already had the likes of the Galaxy S II, HTC Rezound, iPhone 4S well established in the market. It would seem like too much of a bargain for a new customer to place his bets on Nokia’s offering considering the initial criticism of the device. T-Mobile is selling the low cost Lumia 710 for free on its network, to no avail.

Source: Asymco
Via: Phone Arena


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  1. I have a Windows phone I upgraded from a Blackberry. I wanted something different than an iPhone or Android. I think the thing I like most about the Windows Phone is it’s so simple to use. Everything is very intuitive and easy. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say I’m at an 8 with the phone. App. store like everyone else says in the downside. Spotify app is awesome though

  2. I am a Nokia lumia 900 owner. Bought on day one, I have not been sorry for an instant. The phone does more than I imagined and I use it for personal and business purposes. My son bought one the same day and is happier with his, than with his former Motorola android. Can’t wait for the 7.8 upgrade.

  3. The numbers make no sense the way they are derived. If Nokia sold 300000 or so of Lumia 710 before end last year. Which is what was reported. These units equal all the Windows phones sold by Nokia. This figure seems pretty off, but still the sales must be a disappointment.

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