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Microsoft Next Gen Gaming Console To Be Named ‘Xbox 8’

Microsoft’s next generation gaming console will be named ‘Xbox 8’ instead of ‘Xbox 720’ according to sources. This is after taking into consideration the fact that it is the eighth generation home console. If the software giant named its upcoming operating systems Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it is logical that it would follow the same naming tradition for its gaming console that would soon become the ultimate household entertainment hub.

Image Credit: In Entertainment

In a bid to protect its intellectual property, Microsoft recently acquired a slew of domain names bearing the name of its most popular gaming console from a Chinese owner, known as Cheng Juan, through the National Arbitration Forum. Among the disputed domains are the following;

  • XboxPhone.com
  • XboxTablet.com
  • XboxLiveTV.com
  • XboxCompanion.com
  • Xbox8.us
  • Xbox8.org

Fusible, a legit source of technology-related news, reported that the Redmond-based software giant also has pending disputes against the owners of Xboxsports.com, Xboxmusic.com, Xboxliverewards.com, and Xboxsmartglass.com; evidence that it is on a collision course with individuals or companies using the brand of its console for anything. While the company has been so busy filing disputes, it hasn’t filed one for Xbox8.com yet but it is expected it would should the owner continue to use the domain.

In Entertainment UK once had an idea that Microsoft would be naming the next generation Xbox based on the number of cores it will sport and such idea actually stirred the gaming community. While it may not be the reason why the company would want to use number 8 instead of 720, there is a greater possibility we would be seeing Xbox 8 in 2013.

Previous reports suggested that the next generation gaming console would be six times more powerful than the current Xbox as it would be using the rumored Oban 32nm chipset. But at the end of the day, we can never be sure about these information unless Microsoft confirms them.

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