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ICS Finally On Verizon Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx

Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update delays have plagued almost every major carrier. Of all the users, only about 10 percent of them actually yet have the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the OS. Motorola Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx users have been no exception and have waited patiently, containing their excitement, for more than a month now. Their patience was rewarded and both Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx Ice Cream Sandwich updates are now ready.

Scott Charlston, a PR representative from Verizon announced about the availability of the ICS update in a tweet yesterday. Motorola first announced more than a month ago that both the Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx users would be given the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment before their second quarter comes to a close. Motorola has made good their promise in just the nick of time, with the third quarter almost already here.

Motorola has made the Android 4.1 update through manual update. Handset users will not receive any kind of prompt either from Motorola or the carrier. Instead, to update the OS on your phone, you will have to do it yourself. To update, you will have to access the “about” button from the settings menu of your phone. Next step, the “system settings”. Your phone will automatically start the upgrade process and after a short wait, voila. Your Motorola Droid Razr or Droid Razr Maxx will proudly show it’s Ice Cream Sandwich face to you and smile. The tweet does mention that the update will be available from 30 June onwards. In case, you do not find the update available when you try to do the manual update, do not worry, the update will be available in a day or two.

The Android 4.1 ICS update will bring a whole lot of major updates to your moto smartphones. Including a cool looking and useful lock screen, Face Unlock will really excite you. The update as expected, will also bring several bug fixes, address stability issues, improved security features and improved performance.

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  1. Ics is garbage on razr maxx!! Poor battery life sluggish browser and can no longer play youtube vids. Very disappointed. Motoralo shoud see a class action lawsuit in the very near future.

  2. I also put ICS on my Razr and it’s terrible. Lucky for me I don’t use the phone for calls as I got a new job and they bought me an iPhone 4S. But I’m an app designer and developer and I wanted to see what ICS was like and still use the device for testing. What complete garbage ICS is. Besides the crappy OS it looks like there are some other Motorola caused issues because the device is sluggish, it gets warm, and the battery only lasts a few hours.

    I spent two years with Android phones hoping Google would knock it out of the park with ICS but it’s really disappointing. On top of that, Verizon puts applications on the device that I can’t delete. It’s just unacceptable to me at this point. I’m done with Android and will never buy another one. I didn’t want to support Apple but at least the iPhone is smooth and “just works” like they promise.

  3. Well Joe, it’s easily 3x as much Bloat as I had with GB. I also have same apps on ICS as I did on GB. While you are quick to point a finger, you offer me no tangible answers, except the standard factory reset (which has been done). If these problems were mine alone, then there would not be thousands of complaints posted about ICS on the Internet. It’s simply buggy for many who have downloaded. It’s been a bad experience and a definite downgrade for me.

  4. 1: the update takes us to 4.0.4 and does do wonders for my phone.

    2: 4.1 is Jelly Bean, google just released this version and only 2 or 3 samsung nexus phones have it but it is available to be flashed if your phone is rooted.

  5. Tons of bloatware?…I think not…ICS has less bloatware than all other phones on the market except for the Nexus. There are several which you can uninstall, and the rest your can disable. You obviously have app issues which is draining your battery, and it is apparent you have not been able to identify or resolve those issues yet. If all else fails, I highly recommend a factory data reset – which should solve your problems.

  6. I downloaded and installed ICS. I was so excited to get it and see what all the buzz was about. In short, it’s crap. I hate it so much. And I am furious that I can’t downgrade to GB without rooting. The Web browser went from good to horrendous. It’s slow, renders everything in a blur and lags when focusing. Having widgets in app drawer actually sucks because they aren’t grouped and not all my widgets show up unless I use. Go launcher. Unlock screen is bloated with crap I don’t use. My razr maxx used to go 2 days on a charge, now I can get 6 hours. I hate this so much I am thinking about going back to my Droidx2. I left blackberry when os6 came out for the same reasons. I hate the tons of bloatware and the way they have rendered my phone about useless (well, just not fun anymore).



  7. My Razr updated this weekend…

    to android 4.0.4 not 4.1, and the “Gallery” picture stuff is horrible. Slow, blurry, sucks…

    Some phone functions are faster, but some are MUCH slower, like bringing up the phone stuff to make a call, for instance…

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