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Google Sending Out Android 4.1.1 Update to GSM Galaxy Nexus Smartphones

Android 4.1

Google has started rolling out the Android 4.1 update to GSM Galaxy Nexus smartphones. It’s great news for Galaxy Nexus users who have always been the first to receive updates. The Nexus S and Motorola XOOM are believed to follow suit soon, though not immediately. It is great how Google has stuck to its promise of rolling out the update to its smartphones by mid-July, and we aren’t even there yet. The company announced the updates for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and the Motorola XOOM during Google I/O back in June. The 4.1.1 update is also being rolled out for the Google Nexus 7 which isn’t up for grabs yet. This seems more like a precautionary update to ward off potential lawsuits.

There’s lot to love about the new Jelly Bean update besides Project Butter which brings overall stability and smoothness to the UI. The update is currently available only to the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus smartphones, while CDMA variants of the smartphone will get the update soon. Google is pushing the Android 4.1.1 update and not 4.1 as many would have expected. This new update will be available even for the devices currently running on Android 4.1, as this is the latest of them all. Users can also get it done manually, but we wouldn’t recommend it as Google is pushing it over the air.

With Google and Samsung being taken down the road of patent wars by Apple, this new update should put an end to all of that. The unified search feature which Apple claimed Google was infringing on should be fixed with this update. This should also drive away the cloud of uncertainty about the smartphone’s future in the country. With all that being dealt with, Google and Samsung can finally go about their business without having to worry about being sued (for now).

We wonder if Apple has something else up its sleeve, now that everything has been sorted out. Developers have already had a chance to experience Jelly Bean on their smartphones when Google sent it out to a few Galaxy Nexus smartphones at the I/O event. Regardless, this new release is of equal significance for both the developers and regular customers.

Have you received the update yet? Let us know how it went by dropping a line below.

Via: GSM Arena


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  1. Viber released an update two days back. i was thrilled to see and immediately downloaded that. disappointed that it still does not support jelly bean. how long do we wait before we start using viber on my samsung galaxy nexus

  2. Hi

    I received an upgrade last night for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I upgraded it. Immediately after that, my Viber is crashing. I uninstalled and re-installed probably more than 5 times and it still crashes., This needs to be fixed pronto.


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