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AT&T’s Lumia 900 Could See a $50 Price Reduction from Tomorrow


If new reports are to be believed, the AT&T Lumia 900 on contact could cost as less as $49.99 starting from tomorrow. This is a deduction of about $50 from the original price. A number of sources close to AT&T have apparently confirmed this. So it pretty much seems like a push by AT&T to attract new customers into buying the device after the not so convincing sales figures. We reported yesterday that Lumia smartphones have merely sold 330,000 units in the country.

It is believed that the handset will still be sold with the free $50 worth of free accessories like before. So the Lumia 900 for $49.99 on a 2 year contract along with the goodies doesn’t seem bad at all. Remember though that this is not confirmed by AT&T with reports coming from alleged AT&T employees. Make sure you head over to the nearest AT&T Store tomorrow to check for yourself. The device has been the Number 3 AT&T smartphone on Amazon Wireless, so that should mean something.

In other news, the carrier exclusive Pink/Magenta Lumia 900 could be launched tomorrow as well. Not sure if that will help AT&T’s or Nokia’s cause, but it will certainly appeal to a different set of customers. It’s always good to have choices, especially when it comes to electronics. Nokia’s offering is one of the rare devices to come with more than two color variants. So be on the lookout for the new Pink version of the Lumia 900. Its older sibling, the Lumia 800 has been available in Pink across Europe and Asia for quite some time now.

We don’t know if the speculated price deduction of the Lumia 900 is due to poor sales or if it’s just another way to clear stocks before Windows Phone 8 smartphones arrive. Either way, new customers will certainly love this new deal. With Windows Phone 8 devices slated to arrive later this year, it is hoped that Nokia finds a way to gain the trust of the distraught users. People have been pretty skeptical about Windows Phones ever since it was announced that the newest iteration of the OS will not be made available to the existing users. Microsoft has its reasons though, which is fairly understandable to some extent.

Source: WP Central


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  1. Very well said. It’s really unfortunate how things have turned out for the company, but I guess they had it coming all along.

  2. NOKIA LUMIA 900 will not work on Microsoft’s next release of Windows Phone 8 Software upgrade

  3. MS and Nokia are hacks when it comes to marketing. Together, they’ve known for 17 months that this fork in the road would arrive. When the Lumia 900 was first introduced, it was clearly stated that the device was developed with cost consciousness in mind. As such, why did Microkia not simultaneously launch the 610 and or 710 on prepaid in order to grease the wheels for the eventual introduction of the 900 into the prepaid market? The prepaid market is approaching 20% of the U.S. and has been completely conceded to Android since WP’s launch in late 2010. It would have made perfect sense to redirect excess 900 devices to prepaid once the fork was announced. If I can buy a SG Tab 2 for $399, tell me I couldn’t buy a Lumia 900 for $250 on Virgin Mobile USA? MS and Nokia you both deserve what’s coming, a flat launch of WP8 because you all haven’t figured out how to merge your companies and bring compelling devices to every range of consumer in the U.S. You’re not going to grab significant market share from the top down. Apple and Android, for now, own the higher end phone segment.

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