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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update for Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi Now Available for US Owners

Google’s newly-acquired phone manufacturer Motorola announced Friday, July 27th, that the much anticipated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Motorola Xoom tablet with Wi-Fi can now be pulled down from its servers.

The company, however, made it clear that only owners from the U.S. have the privilege to upgrade their device to the latest version of Android for now. There’s also no information as to when the 3G and 4G models of Xoom could get the taste of jelly bean.

This is not just any other kind of update or fix but a major overhaul that would basically bring new features, functionality and improvements. Needless to say, right after the update, Xoom is one of the first few tablets to showcase Google’s smoothest mobile OS which was launched last month with Nexus 7 tablet being the first to show off its features.

Google has also started rolling out Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus and it is expected to reach Nexus S so soon. Taiwanese manufacturer HTC also shared its plan to bring the OS to HTC One devices.

Tech enthusiasts said that there is nothing revolutionary about Jelly Bean only that it offers three major factors that most Android users want to see in every update:

Faster User Interface – early reviews would tell us Android 4.1 comes with very responsive (others find it sensitive) user interface. Ice Cream Sandwich received really good reviews and feedback from users but experts say Jelly Bean could go beyond what ICS has achieved in the tech market.

Major Improvements – the fact that it comes as Android 4.1 is evident it does not differ too far from ICS but that doesn’t mean there are no improvements. The fact is almost every aspect users can find in ICS is updated especially search and notification.

Excellent Performance – Jelly Bean requires devices with enough or so much power to run. The OS itself comes with great performance and devices are expected to complement to it innate power; fast device plus fast OS result to excellent performance.

With Motorola started rolling out Jelly Bean to Xoom Wi-Fi, it is expected that 3G and 4G owners as well as those from other regions would receive the update so soon.



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  1. i have a xoom and after the 4.1.1 update i lost some pictures and vidios with the new camera setting. is there a way to recover these? also i need instructions on operating the settings on the new camera.

  2. If your Wifi Xoom running ICS is insisting that it is up to date upon manually checking for an update via the about table screen, you can probably* force it to recognize the availability of the Jelly Bean OTA by doing the following:

    On the main settings menu for the Xoom:
    Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework
    Force stop and clear the cache

    On the main settings menu for the xoom:
    About Table -> System Updates
    Check now

    *The above worked on my Xoom after just one attempt. Two different sites online indicated that the above steps may need to be repeated several times before the OTA is recognized by your Xoom.

    Read more at http://thedroidguy.com/2012/07/motorla-xoom-getting-jelly-bean-updates-why-everyone-didnt-get-it-yet/#s8ZvrdTdLzuEhiGX.99

  3. Jelly Bean isn’t out yet. Only users in the U.S Who opted into Motorola’s “soak test” officially have it.

  4. I’ve been pressing the Check For Update button like crazy since Friday and I still don’t have the update. When did you guys get the OTA update?

  5. How do you pull it of their servers. Anyone care to pass on the instructions & is it worth downloading.. Thanks

  6. Why is nobody talking about the fact that this is only a partial release of jelly bean. One of the core features is absent.. offline voice dictation. When I try to turn off wifi to use this feature it says can not reach Google ie you have to have an internet connection still to use voice dictation.

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