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Ubuntu, Android pair up to knock Apple down

Reportedly, the two Linux kernel based cousins- Ubuntu and Android can team up in the near future to knock Apple’s iOS down in the smartphone segment.

The strength of Apple lies in the simplicity and integrity of its iOS. Everything is tightly bound and that makes it relatively easy to use and easy to familiarize with. That’s probably what makes it the world’s hottest smart-phone selling brand.

While the strength of apple lies in simplicity, the strength of Android lies in diversity. By Diversity, we mean more support, more features and more compatibility. For instance, iPhone doesn’t have the ability to be docked in and act like a computer.

Though Android sold like hotcakes in 2012 and has out-powered iOS, iPhones have been spread across major carriers and the base price has dropped below 100$.Android quite eminently wants to overpower iOS and seems to leave no stone unturned in doing just that.

Well, for starters, Ubuntu wants to bring innovation in the smartphone segment by 2012 and it foresees smartphone/PC convergence. It’s teaming up with Android hardware experts to develop a system which can bridge the smartphone/PC gap.

Interestingly, Ubuntu developers revealed that the smartphones would behave normally when they’re not docked in. It’s only when they are pinched with those pins below them, would they magically transform into computers. The integration would be relatively easier as both the OS lay its roots on Linux kernels. In layman terms, they speak the same language,

It has also been noted that the Ubuntu OS is so lean that it can be stocked in 2 GB and would include apps for email, web browsing, photo editing and music.

However, Mr Collins, the Product manager of Ubuntu for Android said that it will take close co-operation and cohesion to optimize the hardware performance of each smartphone to lay grounds for its elite open-source OS. He was positive about Ubuntu being integrated into high-end Android phones by 2012.

How fascinating do you think this is? Would this family reunion change the dynamics of the smartphone/computer world?

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  1. I feel Google Chrome OS should not be so Internet dependent. I hope they just make a version of Goobuntu available to us the public.

    Why re-invent the wheel & make Chrome OS?

  2. I tried making a lot of people using Ubuntu (and Chrome OS too.) My parents, aunt, a bunch of friends (old and young.) Sooner or later they all gave up and went back to Windows. They still make fun of me for trying to make them use that thing called “Ubuntu.” People know Windows and Macs and would not use something else, in the same way you would not buy a car that has no wheel or pedals and some sort of navigation system you never heard of before.

  3. That might not work out for a couple of reasons. Cables and docking live in the past, not the future. The future is made of jack-less, cable-less devices that live in the cloud and communicate and charge over the air. Secondly, Google already has Chrome OS for the desktop and might extend it’s desktop influence with some sort of Android-Chrome hybrid.

  4. Whoever win’s the smart phone war will ultimately win the desktop war because smartphones will be our desktops.

  5. Hi Harald,

    Being a software engineer, I too think Ubuntu has a better future than Windows 8 or OSX Lion. It’s amazing how ubuntu can sit besides any OS without much of hassle. It boots up in no time, hardly crashes and with a better GUI (though I still think its neatly wound), it can very well compete against Windows 8 or any other contemporary OS.

    When it comes to scaling and integrating systems at a larger extent, I think Unix/Linux based OS would always have an upper hand. Be it smartphones or computers.

  6. I am a strong believer in a great future of Ubuntu. I am now working on PCs since more than 30 years and I made 3 years ago the switch to Ubuntu. I still have to use parallel all other major operating system (due to my job) but always when I am working on something different I am so happy to have Ubuntu as my main system. I am quiet skeptical reg. Windows 8. Although Microsoft deserves respect having after a long time started to clean up the insane Windows GUI mess and comes with some fresh ideas I don’t see Windows 8 succeeding the same way the old Windows versions did. That creates room for Ubuntu which is next to Windows 8 the only system which will be soon designed to run on all device formats (phones, tablets, PCs). Apple has nothing comparable and open source is the future of IT. The evolutionary process of open source software will prevail. Therefore I can’t await to see Ubuntu running on tablets and smartphones.

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