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Sky Go for Ice Cream Sandwich to Arrive Soon

Sky Go, the app that transforms a regular smartphone into a mini television, might be arriving soon on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The app was available on older Android platforms but had been discovered to be incompatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, causing some disappointment among users on the latest iteration of the Android OS.

Currently, Sky Go is supported by selected handset models that had Android 2.3.x Gingerbread running, such as the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Desire S, HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation XE, and HTC Incredible. It had been reason enough for some to delay purchasing a device that came with Android 4.0 since it meant they would no longer be able to enjoy the app.

Earlier, Sky Go had already sent out an update that would enable the app to support Android 4.0, but it was immediately pulled out since some had complained that it did not work. The team behind Sky Go then had to work further to fix the bugs and other issues, do more testing, and apologize to the consumers. This time, they had not specified an expected date of arrival of the upgrade, but are generally expected to push out the upgrade soon.

Samsung is one of those companies that are particularly excited about the Sky Go upgrade, and is hoping to offer it soon on the new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.

For those unfamiliar with Sky Go, it is a free app that enables users to get reception from Sky TV on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and even on PCs. There are 40 channels on offer, including ESPN, Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Arts 1, Sky News, and eleven movie channels. On top of that, there is a library of archived content.

The team behind Sky Go is presumably taking its time since the extensive service gives them a lot to manage. In addition, it is taking necessary precautions in order that some of its offered content may not be pirated.

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  1. Ice Cream Sandwich has been out for a long time. When you pay for a Sky subscription, you expect all of the features of what you pay for to work.

    BSkyB being presumably one of the biggest companies of the UK should be able to at least hire people who are able to make a stable app and not take an eternity too.

  2. Jamie is 100% correct, a survey of over 500 sky customers who used the app on ICS all said the same, there were no bugs/unstable problem et al. The best part is that customers had warnings for saying sky go was working on ICS phones and sky advisers were saying it did not work. Several days later it was reported on the Forum that this function had been blocked due to the reasons given by the same advisers who kept on saying it didn’t work on ICS and that alas was the end of it, as any mention/question to do with this was ignored and no answer has ever been given to sky customers. In fact I have been banned from the forum for spamming as I had the cheek to ask the same question 6 times (All ignored). Customers who had warnings about saying it works on ICS have asked and asked and asked for an apology and like everything else these have gone unanswered and ignored.

  3. Nobody complained that the app didn’t work when the 4.0 app was first released – it worked perfectly. Sky pulled it because they wanted to restrict the ability to output the contents to a television via the USB cable.

    I see IOS users are able to access Anytime + content on their phones, unlike Android users. Sky has treated Android users appallingly for this whole episode.

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