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Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Tasted Ice Cream Sandwich

Verizon has made available the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola Droid RAZR and the Motorola RAZR MAXX a few days ahead of the impending launch of the next version of Android OS. The update is bound to impress the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX users at least until the new features of Android 4.1 or 5.0 Jellybean are revealed by Google at the I/O developers conference.

As with other Ice Cream Sandwich updates, it brings to the smartphones a new user interface that sports a new typeface and improved animations. Virtual buttons found in the System Bar allow for navigation towards Home, Back, and Recent Apps. The home screen folder and the app launcher have likewise been redesigned. In place of the Motorola launcher, the Ice Cream Sandwich update includes the stock launcher.

Widgets on the new OS are now resizable, which lets users decide how large or small they want them to be. As for the lock screen, users are now provided with functions that do not require unlocking in order to function. Calls may be responded to by a text message, which may be composed without answering the call first or even unlocking the screen. A swipe-to-dismiss function has furthermore been added to send away apps, browser tabs, and alerts.

The camera enhancements are quite noteworthy on Ice Cream Sandwich. Features worth mentioning include face detection, Live Effects, zero shutter lag exposure, stabilized zoom, panorama mode, and continuous focus. A refreshed Gallery app with an integrated photo editor complements these new functionalities. A new Ice Cream Sandwich browser is onboard thanks to the upgrade, but the Chrome Beta for Android is available as well. Other features include the NFC-based Android Beam, Face Unlock, and Wi-Fi Direct.

To sum up, the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX has pretty much the features of the stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which has been making its rounds on other devices. Still, users can enjoy these features until Verizon sends out the Jellybean upgrade perhaps next year or so.

via android central

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  1. You may not want it. I have had to delete most of the apps that impressed me about the Razr Maxx. It has bugs, lots of them and they are huge! It takes on a mind of its own opening random apps, freezing up, and I have to reboot with the power/volume to get it to stop. I wish for the old version, Gingerbread, back….

  2. fyi they have you have to be on the home page click the menu button go to system setting go all the way down to about phone set that and update phone 🙂

  3. I updated my phone to ice cream and the same day my side volume buttons stopped working. Then today my front panel froze up during a call and I tried to shut it off and all of my side buttons wouldn’t work and now it is black. With no communication at all!!!!! I like dice creams new look but MY PHONE DID NOT RESPOND WELL TO ICECREAM!!!!! Now what??????

  4. what i would like to know is what happened to my news widget and how can i edit my favorites widget i can’t seem to delete and one from it

  5. select settings, then about phone, then select update, wait like 15 or 20 min and ice cream sandwich will be downloaded then install it this will also take a little while. have fun

  6. Check your system update on the Droid Razr. Update was available on mine today. Beware though, it takes forever to download and then install the new system. Now I’m just trying to figure out the whole new system.

  7. I did not get it automatically, but when I went to system settings and told it to search for updates it found 4.04. Took quite awhile, but it seems to be working good. Weird seeing the bottom quick icons; reminds me of Blackberry’s bottom launch bar.

  8. I live in Indiana, and I actually just got it a few moments ago. Im only at 6% on the download but I am extremly pumped! 😀

  9. Downloafing ICS now. Just like I said. I didn’t have to wait a month to tell you that you were wrong.

  10. Got mine for the Razr Maxx this morning. (In Eastern North Carolina) Didn’t get any email or notification – have just been checking the phone for available updates randomly every few days. Happened to check this morning, and there it was. 🙂

  11. I have it! I just did a system update manually and its dowloading now. Fredericksburg Virginia.

  12. received the update this morning. super glitchy. had to do a hard reboot because it would not let me open or read any of my text messages and kept power cycling.

  13. A Verizon support rep on Twitter told me to question Google as they are the ones behind Android to begin with. Motorola and Verizon will not take any claim or blame for the ICS update or lack there of.

  14. REALLY? The pause/play icon is now in the center of the screen??? Yea, that’s user friendly.

  15. F Verizon and Motorola the money we pay for are phones and can’t get a straight answer from them is BS they should remember we pay their bills

  16. Hi. Has anyone in the Dallas/Ft Worth area been upgraded yet? Is there a site to go and download it manually?

  17. Verizon and Motorola have really botched the update release. Instead of very clearly telling customers, and emphasizing that it was in testing stage of final roll out — they created this hype. Every customer (including myself) have been checking system updates constantly and disappointed that it is not here yet. Every single day since June 22 — that is 1 week, and probably 10 times a day.

  18. I just talked to Motorola and this is what he told me.

    “Cody, I did check on my end and Motorola and Verizon has conducted a user trial for the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Android 4.0 ICS Software Upgrade. A restricted amount of users had received the download via a Motorola-initiated notification. Once this testing phase is complete, the update will be pushed out by Motorola in batches to all users over a few week time period.”

    And then this, “At this time, we are currently fine tuning everything to send the ICS upgrade in batches. However, we do not have the exact dates, yet, on when it will be pushed to your device.”

    That doesn’t make me thinking I’m getting it this weekend.

  19. This info is nothing new and is a regerg of all other supposed updates – one question is when..

  20. It is coming it has been coming for 5 months And it will arrive in about a month or so to everybody.

  21. wait anymor dso i i installed it manually yesterday. And i must say it couldnt be any sweeter

  22. There is. It is called the Motorola User Fourms. I got the update almost a week ago for the Soak Test.

  23. I’m in north Jersey and have not received it yet either.

    I was able to pull the ICS update to my Xoom with stopping the Google services method when it was available few weeks ago…however, that doesn’t seem to be working for the ICS update on my Razr Maxx.

    I bet this damn update is going to come in the middle of a client meeting next week, when I don’t have time to fiddle with it.

  24. I think everybody in this would have checked that… its retarded for you to think they haven’t!

  25. LOL what do you think the majority of these people are doing??? Maybe you should READ the comments before calling people stupid.

  26. Verizon tech support said yesterday, 6/28, it you don’t get the push by the end of today, you can do a manual update from the handset. We’ll see…..

  27. Nothing here yet in central NH. Been waiting, still reads your device is up to date like all the rest of us. I also heard that the release has been stopped, not sure I believe anyone anymore.

  28. I am using the update right now. Instead of waiting for it to magically appear on your phone, why not just go to settings and check for the update? I swear to G-d you people are all straight out retarded.

  29. My info is correct you may need to get your info right because I haven’t spoke to anyone over the phone that can tell me what I want to hear I spoke to people directly linked to the ics upgrade. More than one face to face have told me the info I have listed. My facts are true just another money gimmick for verizon

  30. Android Beam/NFC is not supported on the Razr. Get your info correct before you say what is and isnt there as well as when it is getting released by verizon, because I am also speaking with verizons corporate office and before they push the update they are going to do tests on it as well.

  31. Your device is up to date!

    No update is necessary at this time.

    If I have to read this many more times, I’m going to freak out. Still waiting in Topsham, Maine.

  32. I’m sitting in Italy with a razr maxx that doesn’ work even though the verizon reps assured me it would work! Now I’m told in won’t work until ICS is installed! I was told it would be this week. Nothing yet! Extremely disappointed in verizon people.

  33. Me and my husband have the same RAZR under the same acct. He got his ics 2 days ago and I have nothing yet….

  34. A month from now don’t I want say I told you so I’m not making this stuff up it is facts verizon has got a hold on you because they control the ota. That is why you should call motorola and talk to the support team

  35. I look at this way, the update is out there now and it won’t take anytime till someone has it posted on a website for all to get if Verizon does pull the B.S. move of updating only some now and the rest in August as aome have stated. I want it but I’m doing my best to remain patient and hopeful 🙂

  36. Now I spoke to matt on live chat on the private
    MFN network and he told me that Verizon had put a hold on the release date for ics. He said it has been ready to go since the 28th but Verizon has stopped the waves until further notice.

  37. Hello again, everyone.

    Later tonight we’ll end our soak test. A phased roll out of the software will begin soon.

    We are deeply grateful for the feedback and information provided. This was by far the largest soak we’ve ever attempted. We didn’t really know what it would be like to have so many participants. We learned a lot and have already figured out some better ways to do things in the future. We appreciate you hanging in there as as we ploughed through all the information you provided.

    To those of you who did not get the update or were unable to access the private community — your experience has also helped us find and correct issues. We’ll be better next time based on your feedback.

    Please remember that the processes, information and communications shared during this soak test are confidential and not to be shared outside of this private community.

    However, we do hope you will return to the public RAZR/RAZR Maxx community — here and on other sites — and help your fellow owners make the transition to Ice Cream Sandwich.

    We will leave the private community up for a short time, but once you log out it will no longer be available to you. Soon we will close the threads to comments. We will continue to work with some of you and reach out if we need additional information.

    Thank you so, so much. Hope to see you again in soaks. We rely on your energy, intelligence and enthusiasm.

    – Matt

    Motorola Feedback Network Motorola Owners ‘ Forum Visit us at: forums.motorola.com.

    This is the email I got yesterday so I am not making none of this up

  38. I didn’t say that the Razr wouldn’t ever be updated to ics I said that it would not happen before the Razr HD is released. Motorola has already said that the soak test was successful but it isn’t up to them or goggle when th Razr gets it, it is completely 100% up to the wireless provider when each.phone gets the update.

  39. reboot and that should help, sometimes however after an update this big and such a large change a system restore can do wonders and make it as great as it should be(even though that can be a pain)

  40. nooo not hold out, take forever maybe because they suck in general at this stuff, but they arent stopping the rollout in the middle please stop posting lies

  41. no…you are a dumbo(trying to not be vulgar at all) but really…that would make no sense, it wouldn’t help them either. It would turn people away from the company if they did that.

  42. umm no thats pretty false, they’re still releasing it in small batches right now…you can see comments popping up in forums everywhere, not many but they’re still sending it out, problem is we aren’t all able to pull it to our phones, you hooligan

  43. then enlighten us all as to why verizon and motorola are both advertising ICS coming to the Razr and Razr maxx. maybe your brother can answer that question

  44. I got it on my RAZR last night and at first I waslike YES but now I freaking hate it… its real glitchy and all of my apps barely work and when they do its not for long I’ve done everything but master reset it hope I don’t have to BC I really want the update

  45. If you already have the software why the hell would you be on here looking!!!! It is rolling out by tomorrow night everyone should be covered!!!! Some got it this morning some got it at night today.. same steps tomorrow different locations they are releasing it by regions…

  46. Nothing in Jacksonville, Fl for me at least. This whole thing makes me loathe Verizon. When I bought my phone in early April the little weasel that sold it to me assured me I would get the update withing two weeks. I think I own my third and final Motorola phone…

  47. They will just like with gingerbread some people got it and then 4 months later everybody got it. Tell me I don’t know what I am talking about in a month. They please some and others will then want HD because it already will have ics. Just like with gingerbread.

  48. Keep calling Verizon and Motorola in India until they get the point. I filed a BBB complaint. My next stop is the FTC. The scummy sales rep lied to me back in May. I was assured I would have expected ICS by May 19th. To me the product is defective and not what I purchased. Put pressure on them because the customer is always right. Wish I would have stayed with At&t and got the HTC One. Their service sucks too though.

  49. then why would motorola and verizon advertise that ICS is coming to the razr and razr maxx. either you’re lying or your brother is an incompetent employee. stop spreading BS.

  50. I was in a meeting at work and a during the meeting a co-worker received the update on his razr maxx. happy for him, but I am frustrated. Why some and not all?????

  51. Just talked to Motorola tech on live chat.he told me the update just started today and will take 7 days to complete.

  52. I just got it, I was so happy….until I found out it wasn’t worth the wait, this melting ice cream sucks… now I’m waiting for jellybean upgrade that will occur in say….7 years from now, lol
    Next time don’t buy a phone that is in the process to be finished, otherwise you’ll be the one finished by the time you get the stupid update. Enjoy life and get a simple phone, you still have a computer at home or pretty much wherever you go, we’ve became a bunch of crying selfish babies…too sad.

  53. Also that is when the soak test began not the official ota to everybody release. I got my soak test last saturday, and the test ended today. That is how motorola can say by the end of quarter2 because some people do have it so basically it has been made available to some but not all. This covers them saying quarter2. But if you want to get in on the soak test in the future sign up at motorola.com and register your phone and opt in to be involved in testing. I know these are facts and not rumors. Like I said my brothers helps build these types of updates not answering phones and telling you what you want to here to make you happy

  54. Just got tweeted back from verizon.
    “Hi there! The update has been released. It will be shipped to your device within 2-3 weeks. We appreciate your patience. ^LA”

    So clearly Verizon is trying to capitalize on the Razr HD release by exploiting their customers.

  55. I live in jersey. Nothing….I wish there was a website for impatient bastards like myself

  56. Friend in SC got today. I am in same area and did not get. Still waiting somewhat patiently 🙂

  57. Salt Lake City no update yet. I wasted a phone call asking about a priority list I had read about. They did this with Gingerbread too, frustrating. I wish an OTA alternative were available.

  58. I got my facts straight from a developer not customer support which know very little about ota updates.

  59. Yeah Jamie. If not releasing was the case they never would have updated the moto page for the RAZR. I think your full of it

  60. Jamie…sorry, but no matter where your brother works, I don’t believe a thing you or he says about it. Its still being rolled out & will continue in the days & weeks to come. They aren’t going to just start releasing it to some people, & then stop for a whole month.

  61. Ya sorry people called verizon an they said it was released on the 22nd was told that by two employes over the phone so get your facts straight before you talk lol

  62. My brother told me a few minutes ago that it definitely would not be released to anymore phones on verizon until the Razr Hd drops. They want to make it more appealing to buyer because it will come preinstalled with ics. He said they had a staff meeting about it this morning and there were glitches in the soak test. Personally I don’t know what glitches because my ics is running fine and my Razr is amazing now. Just passing along some info

  63. @jamie..Well..lol..Thats not good news..August!!..I cant wait that long..lol..Still waiting in South Florida 🙁

  64. My wife got it today in Tennessee, I’m a truck driver I’m in Florida today and no update.

  65. The soak test on my phone just got over with today. The update should be out within a week from today. Also it is not motorola who decides when to roll it out it is 100% verizon. Motorola just creates the system and test it for each wireless network, they then tell the wireless network the results of the testing and they then decide based off the results to either releases or do more testing and building. My brother who works for verizon has told me that he doesn’ think it will officially be released until after the RAZR HD gets released in August. He works in the development department

  66. Will make your phone faster and smoother and all around better, or at least that’s what is reported by many who have recieved it even though I have not. You being a new user may have a hard time adjusting since you just learned your phone the way it is. You should go to motorola’s site or other androi sites and find videos that explain it all, will be helpful!

  67. First of all your well behind it on this one, not really news anymore. Second not everyone has received it so you should probably say it like that instead of saying everyone has it, because well…I do not as others who posted above. Third, this one isn’t even about the razr, you really just don’t pay attention to any android news apparently because Jelly Bean was completely revealed yesterday. Sorry but you truly missed the ball on this one.

  68. I just got a Droid razr 2 Weeks ago, my first smart phone. Now can someone fill me in. what in the world is ice cream sandwich?

  69. I just stopped by my local Verizon store and the manager told me to expect it by the fourth. She also said that the reason we haven’t received it is because they’re releasing it in thousands and if there is indeed a bug, the won’t be contaminating every Razr.

  70. I talked on live chat with a Motorola rep. and they told me that it will be on all of the Razr’s in a few weeks. They also said that they have no knowledge of the roll outs being based on location or anything like that. But they did confirm the roll outs are occurring as we speak in batches, and if you talk to the agent and give them you IMEI number they will put you on a priority list to get it as soon as possible.

  71. I called Verizon to check, since I haven’t received the update yet (I bought my Razr when they first came out – make any difference?). The Verizon rep told me they have nothing to do with it and I need to call Motorola. Really?

  72. I got the notice last night that I would have it within a week. It was auto downloaded this morning at 6:00am. Installed in about 20 mins.

  73. I live in Georgia and I haven’t received it yet but a friend got his this morning. He is in Georgia also.

  74. Just an FYI, Verizon has not made ICS available for the razr yet. There is a large majority of users who still have not received the update.

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