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Microsoft kicked HTC out of Windows 8 tablet development

Microsoft has been busy a with the new version of its operating system, Windows 8, for a few months now. The company is putting together the final bits of the operating system to make it ready for the release in the coming weeks. A very important feature in the design of the new Windows 8 is that it can be used on laptop computers, desktop computers, netbooks, and tablets without much change to the operating system. So this obviously means that developers will be very much willing to work on the new operating system to get their own tablets out into the market by the time the operating system hits the market, and HTC is one such developer.

The business relationship between HTC and Microsoft dates back a few years. Before Google’s Android happened, HTC was a Windows Mobile based smartphone manufacturer. This means that the company worked closely with Microsoft. Even now HTC is working good with Microsoft is releasing new Windows Phone 7 based smart phones. But Microsoft thinks that HTC, even though a very old partner, is not fit to work with the Redmond software giant when it comes to the tablet version of the operating system.

Yes, new reports say that Microsoft does  not want HTC working with it on Windows 8 tablets. This is because HTC does not have a very good experience with tablet. The company did release a few Android tablets, but none of those became a hit seller. So Microsoft is worried that HTC would not work with Windows 8 also on its tablets. This is because HTC developers wanted to integrate a HTC specific custom user interface overlay on top of the Windows 8 RT operating system. And Microsoft does not seem to have liked the idea.

This news comes from Bloomberg and the news agency says that we may see HTC Window 8 tablets in the future, during the second round of the release, but not now for sure. What do you think? Do you think Microsoft is doing the right thing or do you think it is just worried a lot?


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  1. well, that was not smart of Microsoft, I hate it as much as 1kb per second internet. HTC was a good brand, even my phone is an HTC. maybe I should switch to Apple products if thier not too expensive

  2. Good. I hate f**ing OEMs adding their own crap to devices, because it’s always an ugly hack that doesn’t fit in and breaks my shit.

  3. I am looking forward to Windows 8 coming out, hopefully it will attract the noobs away from Apple, which is a nightmare to support

  4. I think its a good idea by Microsoft if any one who uses Android knows by doing what HTC wants to do will cause Fragmentation and also effect performance on the devices, Whats wrong with the way Windows Phone is, its more original than Android and works well.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and when my 24 month contract finishes im updating to the top range Windows Phone 8 phone or the iPhone 5/5S

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