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iOS 6 v/s Android 4.0 v/s Windows Phone 7.5… Smack-down!

The launch of the latest boomerang- iOS 6 has triggered a major overhaul in the smartphone market. iOS 6 would in turn take on the Android 4.0 ICS and the rather newly arrived Windows 7.5 in the market. Will it defy the odds?

Well, we compared the three elite smartphone operating systems head-on and here’s what we could dig out. All of these operating systems come with voice-support, social-media integration, a dedicated app store and multi-tasking support.

However, which one is omniscient? That’s a close call.

According to Apple, iOS 6 introduces 200 new features, which include some intriguing ones like Maps (3D maps precisely, which sound pretty cool), Passbook (which allows you to store your gift-cards, airplane tickets and more in a secure way), Shared streams (the “Share” button we already have on Android) and the accessibility and guided access (allows you to control your phone through voice). Profoundly, these features make iOS 6 more like an Android OS with an iOS skin.

When you compare the newly added features with Android 4.0, Google Maps with its extensive map coverage (the recent 3D integration) and street view option makes iOS 6 look a lot more over-hyped. Besides, the passbook feature is already provided my manifold third-party apps placed on the PlayStore. With SVoice introduced in the Galaxy S3, Google is already planning to take on Siri and in turn let people control their phone without any touch or motion.

Talking about Windows 7.5, well the smartphone OS lags in every department as of now. Though you can never estimate the likes of Microsoft, it has some tough competition in the market and it would need steadfast improvements and tweaks to come its way.

As of now, with the launch of iOS 6, Apple has made iOS a replicated version of Android. Nevertheless, the upper edge iOS 6 has over Android 4.0 is the global compatibility of iOS 6. More specifically speaking, iOS 6 would be compatible with all Apple devices, be it iPad, iTouch or iPhone. That is not the case with Android, as fanciful features like SVoice and different intuitive controls have been launched exclusively for Galaxy S3.

The winner thereby is- iOS 6, but just for now! Android would still dominate the market (perhaps with a few updates or the next version of Android), but things need to change dramatically for the likes of Windows and Blackberry.

Inevitably, it’s tough being at the top.


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  1. Nice article bud, but I tend to disagree with your point system. Yes, iOS6 has copied Android to the point that there aren’t many important features that the two differ on, except one MAJOR factor that I found to be EXTREMELY important. I have used both iOS4/5 and I now own an Android ICS (4.0.4) phone and the biggest difference I found between the two that makes the Android the winner in my opinion is support for Flash animation in the browser. I get so frustrated when I’m trying to view a webpage in Safari and it won’t come up, or the video won’t play or the animation is just a box. However on my ICS, I get to see what the web page was supposed to show me.

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