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Force download the Android 4.0.4 update on your Verizon Galaxy Nexus

If you are Verizon Galaxy Nexus user and if you have not yet got the over the air (OTA) update, then here is a little trick you can try. The wireless carrier did send out over the air updates to a lot of Galaxy Nexus devices, but I am sure a lot of them have missed out. This becomes very clear as a lot of Verizon Galaxy Nexus users have been asking how to force download the update on many Android related blogs. So here is a method with which you can easily get the update.

If you are thinking you will have to root your Android smart phone and lose the warranty, then you do not have to worry anymore. This method does not include any type of rooting your smart phone or losing warranty, or any other type of hackery. The method is simple and very much legal. You just have to change a few settings in the Settings app. Here are the steps:

  • Go to settings>Apps>All
  • Tap Google Services Framework
  • Tap on Clear Data and then Force Stop
  • Go to About Settings>About Phone>Check for Updates

The new version of Android, the Android 4.0.4, also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich, brings in a lot of changes to the operating system. The security levels have improved, and if you browse the internet a lot on your smart phone, you are going to love the changes.

Also, there are a lot of custom ROMs already available for the Galaxy Nexus at the XDA Developers forums which are built on top of Android 4.0.4. But this is not advised for beginners who do not know how to root android phones or how it is done. You better stay away from all this mess. Get the official OTA update and enjoy the changes.


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  1. It worked like a charm for me. Tried like OP said but it did not work. Read comments and saw another poster doing exactly like OP said but included to shut down, then remove battery and then reboot. It really works guys. Thanks to this Site and the poster with additional info that is crucial for it to work.

  2. So, before this I was unlocked and rooted. I had nandroid backups saved to my computer and had been waiting for the “official” push. I did the trick…worked after trying it a few times over a day and a half.

    Updated, then re-unlocked/rooted, and back to CM9. Very happy with the entire procedure.

    However, I do wish that VZW would let us have our “beta phone.” We know what it is…let Google update it when it has the updates ready!

  3. I love this phone BUT it is still going into mute after the 4.04 update. This is my THIRD replacement phone from Verizon. Not a happy customer. Does ANYONE know what the problem or fix is?

  4. i inally got it working. About 6 attempts. Successful with: wifi on, plugged in to AC, stop process and then clear data. Checked for update and it worked.

  5. I have an unlocked, rooted gs and it worked after 4 times without turning off, 1 time turning off without pulling the battery out, and 1 time turning off and pulled the battery out I think that did it. The bad thing is its not rooted after the update.

  6. Update kills saved web pages of stock browser. Had a dozen screen shots saved of internet orders awaiting delivery, frequently used info, etc. but trying to open one now crashes the browser. Pulling battery & sim doesn’t fix it, either.

  7. Worked on the 6th time without rebooting. I’m so happy that I got the update. Finally !! … Still experiencing with it, a little faster overall and wifi signal is definitely stronger. Yet to try 3g/4g signal at home…

  8. hey now! i have a Xoom as well. it’s adequate i think. I do wish watchESPN could develop a better app for Android though

  9. It worked for me! Thanks very much, now if only I could get my Xoom updated. Yes, I’m the one that bought it.

  10. Thanks for the info — This technique worked for me on the third attempt. I did the ‘clear data’ — ‘force close’, then I powered down the phone. After turning it back on, I checked for updates and there it was. Thanks!

  11. Awesome! Thank you. Been needing this update (3G/4G switching has been killing my battery) and this worked immediately first try.

  12. Really doubted this would work. Kept trying and trying. Tried with a reboot and my second try after that it worked. Can’t wait for it to install so I finally have the phone I was promised.

  13. WOOHOO!!! Worked great! Man, I have had radio signal issues and other things, but I can tell already my 4G bars are all the way across first time ever, screens are way faster to slide, and so on!!! I have been disappointed with this phone until now! So happy! THANKS FOR INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

  14. Did it yesterday. Worked great after a couple of tries. I think the trick was waiting for the storage numbers to compute before hitting “clear data” and then “force stop”.

    I have certainly noticed the improved battery life when charging in my car and streaming music. Previously, charging barely kept up with the drain when streaming.

    My GN is not rooted. I bought the this device to get a pure Google experience without having to root. I was moderately pleased with 4.0.2. So far, it looks like 4.0.4 will take me to very pleased.

  15. jacob, was your phone freezing during the restart? I am going to remove the sim card as well and give that a try.

  16. Worked on second try without having to power off anything ..big improvements..very clever method also

  17. tried twice – rooted phone. first time just ran thru steps – didn’t work. tried again, but after “Tap on Clear Data and then Force Stop” i took out the battery – checked for updates, was able to download update…but after reboot I got android icon with red triangle. restarted phone with fastboot went back to 4.0.2

    guess it has to be unrooted and locked?

  18. Worked after several tries…on the last one. I forced stop google framework services, then deleted the data

  19. Thanks, again, for the tip to “force” 4.0.4 upgrade!
    Looks like the improvements are many. In addition to the already-reported, improved touch-screen functionality, the upgrade creates a setting that, by default, eliminates those incessant, annoying pop-up notices about hourly Google.gapp crashes. Woo-hoo!
    Also, the stock browser’s much improved. Pasting a web address into the browser’s header no longer causes a crash that closes the browser. And, a bonus: for users who’ve enabled the experimental pop-up browser control, that control now has two new capabilities. After upgrading, in addition to symbols for opening the address bar, settings and tabs, it has two new symbols, a plus and a bookmark. The plus opens a new tab and the bookmark–well, you can guess that one.

  20. It should be noted that I’ve been DESPERATE for this release because of the Android OS Always On bug I haven been suffering from for months now. Really excited and hoping this fixes things!

  21. It works! Saves all data and apps, too. Screen response seems faster, immediate even.
    First two checks-for-update didn’t take, though “last update” was now 1969. Third time was charm. Download on 3G connection, two bars, took eleven minutes. Install took maybe 10 more.
    Thanks, whoever refined this. Big improvement over my former method of forcing an install by erasing everything!

  22. It worked….. just like what someone said above. Continue clearing data and forcestopping (you don’t have to shut off phone every time) and it will come in on the 4th or 5th time.

  23. do you have to put your phone back to stock if it is rooted before you do the update?

  24. I’ve had this update for a few weeks and the other two versions before that, and really these small point releases are nothing to get too jealous over. You guys need to relax.

    These updates are usually bug fixes and similar incremental improvements, which while appreciated are nothing to sweat over. It’s not a whole new OS upgrade or anything.

  25. The Verizon Update for Android is titled, as IMM76K. On my phone, it froze. And it required the removal of the sim; several times, but the update did not blank and or reset the phone.

  26. Worked as stated. However, in my case I powered down the phone and pulled the battery. I followed the steps above and got nothing on 3 tries. But, as soon as I rebooted my phone the “update available” message popped up. It’s updating as I’m writing this!

  27. IT WORKS!!! Was super worried about doing this, wasnt sure if it would screw up my phone. I had to do it 4 times for the update to work but my phone is downloading the update as we speak! IMM76K. Thank you!

  28. Yes. It also took 4 or 5 times but it did work. The first two times I rebooted before checking for updates. Then the next few times I went straight from clear data, force stop. To check for update. Thanks again.

  29. I stand corrected. I tried again five times in a row, on the fifth it worked. I now have the update. Knock on wood, the radio seems better.

  30. This worked on the second try. I have been railing on these boards for months about the phone. This 4.0.4 seems to fix a loy of issues including fonts and battery, not timely but a fix nonetheless. It works

  31. I can not THANK YOU guys and gals enough. Worked like a charm even though it took 4 times I finally have it. All I can say is if your having problems just keep at it.

  32. I have done this and I am prompted to update to 4.04 IMM76K. Once the download completes and the phone automatically restarts, the phone freezes after turning off and gets stuck with the black screen and white google logo. I then have to remove the battery to start the phone again and thus am left with 4.02 since the install never completes. This has happened 7 times. Any suggestions!?

  33. This did not work for me, either. I’m a little disappointed. I wonder when Verizon will decide to push the update to me?

  34. I have tried all suggestions stated above. No luck after hours trying.

    My phone is rooted. Can someone with a rooted phone, and who has been successful in the download, make a comment on this process?

    It is so sad. I am coming to the end of my relationship with Verizon. Hoping to get rid of the cellphone as well as my cable/Internet/home phone. Never had such a crazy partnership /customer relationship.


  35. I was a bit suspicious of doing this, but it worked for me. To say the least I have been real pissed waiting for this update and now I have it a little bit sooner. Thanks!

  36. I finally got the 4.0.4 update. Figured out that I had to go in to apps and delete the data on the Google service framework. Then I powered the phone down and took the battery out. Then when I rebooted the phone I let it set and search for the update and 20 min later it was updated installed and rebooted whoo! Finally thank you god….

  37. I was waiting for the update to happen by itself, but did the exact steps you have above and now have 4.0.4, everything seems to be 100% fine, doesnt feel like the update did too too much to my phone.

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