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Developer rewrites Android OS with tighter security

A Bulgarian software developer, Plamen Koseff, has rewritten the entire Android operating system. Why you ask? He answers to provide apps from misusing user data by transmitting them to unknown destinations. There have been a few security breaches on the Android operating system as we all know it. Last year, a company called Carrier IQ, which was a network monitoring company, was found to be collecting a lot of personal information through its app which was found on almost all the smart phones. The app was collecting user data from over 141 million smart phones.

Also, recently, there was a Trojan detected by a US security firm which was targeted only to the Android smart phones which collected user data such as call logs, call recordings, SMS messages, and other info, and sent all these to a predefined destination. The prime reason for all these is that the Android operating system lets third party apps to access user data, which can turn out to be really painful in the end.

So, Koseff took it into his own hands to rewrite the operating system in such a way that even if third party apps access user data, they will not be able to send any of them outside the Android smart phone or tablet.

Kosseff told MIT’s Technology Review: “I don’t like applications accessing my location or phone book Why should they be accessing my phone book to see data I have from other people?”

Dial Phone explains:

Under Koseff’s system a user will still grant an app access to data stored on the phone but the device will not send anything that could be misappropriated. Instead, fake data will be provided in order to protect the owner’s privacy.

Where bookmarks are requested by an app, the phone’s default list will be sent, including little more than a link to the Google homepage and the manufacturer’s website. Similarly, when the contacts list is requested, it will be returned with blank fields.

So what do you think? Do you think Google should consider this seriously and utilize the new and secure code for future Android devices?


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  1. Your information is mostly incorrect. I suggest that you review facts before posting. Carrier IQ is also on Apple devices, added by Apple and its not on all Android phones other than the Nexus line. It is added to the android source by the manufacturer of a phone.

  2. The problem is that some apps have legitimate reasons for certain permission requests and I would hat to be so paranoid that i would rather break functionality then either choose to not install apps or use something like the feature in CM that lets you disable specific permissions on an app by app basis

  3. Also Carrier IQ was install by handset manufacturer and network operators. They can easily bypass Mr Koseff’s changes. The only stock android phone that were free of Carrier IQ tracker were the Nexus phones, which are the only phone that Google has direct control over.

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