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Blackberry to Pair Up With Android to Rebound in the Smartphone Arena

We talked yesterday about how Ubuntu and Google could possibly pair up and in turn bridge the smartphone/PC gap. Well, guess what kids? Surprise! Surprise! It’s Ubuntu RIM talking about pairing up with Google’s Android in order to revive its tarnished image and get the company back on track. As of now, things do not seem pretty for the Canadian multinational giant as it is bounded with huge fiscal losses and already whacking the whip over more than 5,000 employees.

Reportedly, Google’s Matias Duarte confirmed that Google would love to team up with Blackberry for an Android based QWERTY phone. Even Microsoft’s CEO, Mr Steve Balmer has shown keen interest in pairing up with RIM, possibly to tug in Windows OS into QWERTY smart-phones.

So, RIM has both the doors open.

Well, so why not Apple then? Well, as per our reliable sources, Blackberry is less frustrated with Android/Microsoft than it is with Apple. Their rivalry is intense and they both cannot ever sail on the same boat.

Canonically, Google and Apple have locked horns ever since the smartphone innovation has triggered. We are witnessing a poultry rivalry perhaps, each outdoing other with a better dairy product or a-sweeter-fruit. Much of the progress so far has been only on Touchscreen devices. The evergreen stereotyped hardware based keyboard phones have been void of much attention and innovation. Though there are a couple of Motorola devices (maybe one Samsung device) which embeds a physical keyboard and runs an Android OS, those phones are nothing when compared to the elite range of smartphones by Samsung or HTC.

In an interview with ABC news, Duarte revealed how much he loved hardware based keyboards and how he would love to see Android-based QWERTY phones. He talked about how much he adored RIM as a company, how big fan he was of Blackberry’s physical keyboards and how happy he would be to see Blackberry devices on board with Android.

Would you love Android based Blackberry phones? Do you think this tie-up can make Android unassailable? Would this move actually help Blackberry, regain its tarnished image?

Would this be the revenge of the fallen?


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  1. Haha! If security inhibits inconvenience, it becomes a despicable liability. 😉

    However, personally I would love to see Blackberry innnovating their smartphone models.
    Just watching Apple and Google compete in the market would be boring. Hope to see Microsoft and RIM make their marks as well.

  2. Extremely well said. But from my perspective, Blackberry just needs an intuitive interface.

  3. If RIM could couple their legendary business level security features with Android, they could survive.

  4. Blackberry has now slid into irrelevancy with consumers. Migrating users to version 7 and then that being end of the road for that device? LMAO. I have a 2-year old BB 9300 with a screen that looks like the size of a postage stamp (or a Iphone) next to my Samsung SGII. When I took it out of the drawer and dusted it off to upgrade it to version 6 earlier this year, they seemed to add more complicated menu structure and ambiguous icons on an already cramped screen. I now have to dig even deeper in the menus to get just basic information, let alone to perform a task, its just simply outdated and counter-intuitive user interface that is so 1990’s that made me put in the drawer to begin with. No one cares about BB10, once you get an a new Android device or Iphone in your hand, you’ll never look back. There are just too many better options out there even with their secure messaging service. I will never buy another BB device again.

  5. I have been crying for an Android device with a keyboard like the Bold 9000 or new Bold 9900. The few devices that have come out with physical keyboards always have low specs and quality. Plus the keyboards are nothing compared to Blackberry keyboards.

  6. RIM had two unique features. Their security was legendary but that turned became a liability when third world governments, sure that every scrambled RIM message was a plot to overthrow them, outlawed RIM’s secure features.
    RIM’s other feature, the keyboard, is an anachronism today.
    RIM’s last model should be called “Toast”, ’cause that’s what the company is.

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