Android Tablets Boast Nearly Half the Slate Market Share

Around half of the tablet users are now on Android, according to a recent study brought out by the Online Publisher’s Association or OPA. To be exact, 51% of them have the Google-branded device, 52% are on iOS tablets, while 8% are on those with other platforms, such as Blackberry OS. Those who are quick to add will see that these numbers don’t total to 100, and this is because some people have more than a single device. These figures are a huge leap from last year’s data, which showed that Apple controlled 72% of the tablet market, Android owned 32%, and other platforms had 11%.

OPA arrived at these figures by conducting a survey from 2,540 Internet users with ages ranging from 8 to 64 to find out the behaviors of Internet users. Among its other findings is that 28% of the Android tablet users had the Amazon Kindle Fire; 13% had a Samsung Galaxy; 10% had tablets from other brands; 9% had the Barnes & Noble Nook; and 8% had the HP TouchPad.

When asked about consumer satisfaction, both Android and iOS users were almost equally happy with their devices: 95% were satisfied with their iPad, and 90% were content with their Android tablet.

The number of female tablet users is only on the rise, from 44% last year, 51% now use tablets as compared to male users. In addition, more than half of tablet users, 59% to be precise, have incomes of $50K or more.

On the rise, too, is the amount of time people spend on tablets. The average at present is 13.9 hours weekly, and 17% reported that they use the device daily. During that time, the most popular activity is Internet browsing, at 67%, followed by reading email, at 66%.

Studies like these are useful because they can predict future trends and allow developers and manufacturers to align decisions on what are likely to occur in the tablet market. Much, it appears, is yet to come in this niche given this set of data.

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  1. Nice article, be sure that you don’t actuall mention what nations are allowed… that might have been showing us with something really useful.

  2. I’m semi-rooting for Android tablets, but these numbers seem a little too good to be true. I don’t think there’s yet been a quarter where iPad has had less than about 60% in sales. And some analysts actully predicted iOS would increase its share of tablets this year while Android’s would drop (I don’t agree with them).

    I like seeing healthy competition though, so this is great if it’s true. Windows 8 will be an interesting entrant, and I think it’s high time for another Blackberry Playbook.

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