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Next iPhone to have at least a 4 inch screen

The size of the iPhone’s screen has always been in the rumors whenever there is a likelihood of another version of the iPhone coming out. And so, it has happened again. Just like the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, the next generation iPhone is rumored have a bigger screen. This comes from Wall Street Journal, which claims to have gotten this rumor from “people who know about this situation”. Now, how much of this you are going to believe is on you. Since the company has never given this a second thought and since there are possibly no chances of the company giving a bigger screen to the iPhone, I take this rumor with a pinch of salt.

Wall Street Journal says that its sources say that the Cupertino tech giant, Apple, has already ordered Retina displays of size more than 3.5 inches. How much big is the new display? This is not in the rumor. Though, the sources are said to have said that the display is going to be at least 4 inch. This means that the iPhone lovers are going to see their dreams come true.

But as already mentioned, this is still in the rumor stage and nothing can be taken for granted. So do not get too much excited. This dream of yours may break down at any moment. Apple has already been contacted about this and the company has refused to give out any details, no comments. Yes, that is what we always get from the companies on upcoming products and we do not stop asking them for comments.

Still, I do not think that Apple will give the iPhone a bigger screen, nor will the company give the iPad a smaller screen, such as the rumored 7 inch iPad which has been rumored to be coming from a couple of years. What do you think about this?

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  1. Umm. Is it just me or does even the concept of having a 4 inch screen seem very dated? And who’s injecting these rumours all of a sudden? Rene RITCHIE of iMore has been extremely accurate with his predictions. He said, that the iPhone will probably not get a larger sized screen. And on the remote chance it does, it’ll top out no more than 4 inches.

    I remember late 2010, early 2011 there was some buzz that the next iPhone [4S] would sport a 3.8 inch screen based on template designs “leaked” I wouldnt be at all surprised if Apple does go with a 3.8 inch screen and markets it as a 4.0 and larger screen.

    In any event, Apple simply can’t get around the concept that bigger is really better. All other smartphone manufacturers have. Apple still hasn’t realized this. A puny jump from 3.5 to 4.0 is meaningless. Maybe it’s just the girls or girly boys who are delighted for a screen size larger than before but small enough to put in their pockets (which is actually not a good thing due to SAR radiation)

    Anyhow, If they just go wtih a tiny 4.0 inch screen, they’re only doing this just for the sake of marketing, not practicality or functionality. They can justify to everyone who’s been waiting for a larger iPhone screen, that now it’s here.

    One more thing. Based on Apple’s history, they’ll very likely keep the same screen size for the next 5-6 years which is almost like infinity in today’s smartphone market. Simply put,for this reason alone, I can see HTC and Samsung gain even more ground over Apple. As a result, we could slowly start to see profits drop at Apple as a result. Analysts may say, has the Apple fanbase peaked and onto a downward trend?

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