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Samsung Galaxy Note Now Available In Berry Pink In South Korea


Samsung has released another flavor of it’s 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy Note in it’s home country, South Korea.

The new Galaxy Note comes in Berry Pink.  The onboard Samsung S-Pen also comes in Berry Pink as well.  You can also purchase a matching Galaxy Note cover, also equally as pink.

The Berry Pink Galaxy Note joins the white and the “carbon blue” Galaxy Note.  There is no word on any availability outside of South Korea.

One interesting thing that Android Central’s Alex Dobie points out is that the Google search bar in the photo is the Ice Cream Sandwich Google search bar. We’ve pointed out time and time again that the Galaxy Note was made for Google’s Android 4.0 operating system.  The Galaxy Note is a hybrid device and Ice Cream Sandwich is a hybrid operating system designed to mesh the phone abduction tablet versions of Android together.

Source: Android Central


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  1. Hi, how does the galaxy 3 compare to IPhone? I really need the largest touch screen with phone, like an IPad with phone.? Is there anything like this available? Any suggestions. Thanks. Suzy ( not a Geek an a Senior American).

  2. I have a white version I ordered from europe and I have the google tool bar. It is not strictly releated to ICS

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