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Galaxy S III, HTC “Note” And Droid Razr HD Headed To Verizon This Summer?

John Geller and the team at Boy Genius Report are at it again. Typically their sources are good, but for right now take this as rumor.

According to BGR Verizon has some great flagship devices coming out this summer. First off, if the BGR leak pans out we should see the Galaxy S III on Verizon Wireless. Now if you remember back to the Galaxy S II release, Verizon didn’t get that device. Most of us have assumed that’s because they were the first to offer the Galaxy Nexus. This time around though, you can probably expect to see Samsung’s latest Galaxy Flagship aboard the nation’s largest carrier (now by a lot more).

Next up, BGR is reporting that HTC will be launching a device to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note. This actually makes a lot of sense as HTC was the first to bring the digital pen concept to market in their HTC Flyer Tablet (HTC Evo View 4G on Sprint). I’m sure they weren’t too happy that Samsung brought similar technology with their Galaxy Note and S Pen.

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This Note rival is said to be 5 inches with a 1080p (non pentile) display. It’s supposed to also be one of the first devices to hit the market with the quad-core Krait CPU and an Adreno 320 GPU. BGR is reporting that it will have HTC Sense 5, that’s the only part of this rumor that we may doubt just a little after all the pushing of Sense 4.0 the company has been doing this year.

Finally, this probably won’t come as a surprise, but BGR also reports that the Motorola Droid Razr HD will come to Verizon this summer with a larger, and clearer display.

What do you think? Are you going to hold out for any of these devices, tell us in the comments below.

source: BGR


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  1. Switch to AT&T. Verizon will release the HTC “phablet” in the fall to compete with their secret rival IPhone 5. AT&T has the best phones and they put them out on the market faster.Verizon has a tendency to wait it out until the technology becomes obsolete.
    Like the Droid Bionic. You can wait it out but who knows what AT&T has up their sleeves by the time the HTC comes out.

  2. Why would anyone make a switch just for a phone? I’m guessing you forgot a “would not” in there based on the following sentence.

    At any rate, IMO network trumps all, followed by battery, followed by phone (phone in dead last mind you). Who cares about the phone if your connectivity sucks and then you run out of batteries at 5pm?

    I’ll admit I’m sick of my Droid 2 at this point, but I have friends on other networks with cool 4G phones that I still beat on google maps or yelping restaurants.

    If the Samsung GS3 has a great battery, that’s where I’m going. Otherwise it’s Razr HD/Droid Fighter.

  3. If I were you, I would make the switch just for a phone. Especially if you’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note – it’LLC make it’s way to Verizon as the Samsung Galaxy Journal soon enough.

    To answer your question about the processors: the Samsung DROID Charge is a single core processor phone with 512mb of RAM, which is awful for a 4G phone with such a large, gorgeous SuperAMOLED screen. Meanwhile, the 1.5ghz in the dual core note will not only maximize battery life, but easily handle those beautiful graphics. Plus, it has a gig of RAM.

    As far as 4G goes. AT&T’s 4G can be pretty fast – but it’s not what you’d call “true” 4G, or what the world has come to know as 4G. 4G is just the generation of connection, and Big Blue’s is more like 3G-and-a-half. Their LTE technology is real 4G. Verizon, on the other hand, wields the fastest and largest LTE there is. For now.

    Hope that helps!

  4. I anxiously await the Droid RAZR HD. I want the width and resolution of the Nexus with the battery life and webtop from the Droid RAZR MAXX.

  5. Decisions, decisions! I have been a Verizon customer for years but was thinking of jumping to ATT recently just to get the GNote. However, now that rumors are surfacing that Verizon may FINALLY get a version of that phone I am rethinking my choice. The factors influencing my decision are….

    4G: Having been on Verizon’s 4G network since 1 yr ago I cannot fathom going back to 3G. However, many areas in my city STILL do not have 4G coverage so I am often stuck into using 3G, which of late my phone will not even get a data connection on, only voice. (I rarely use wifi, usually only at home) According to the ATT person I spoke with, this area doesn’t yet have their LTE (though it will soon) but does have some 4G and HSPA+.

    Processor: The GNote has a faster processor than my phone (the Samsung Droid Charge), which I think is 1.5Ghz compared to 1.0Ghz. But my question is, how much difference does .5 Ghz make between two phones with dual core chips? And (potentially more importantly) which has a greater effect on browsing speed: connection bandwidth or processing power?

    I’m also not thrilled with HTC products in general, so if they’re the ones making the GNote doppelganger they would really have to offer something that adds to (not just equivalent to) what Sammy has done in order for me to justify waiting a few months.

    Also wondering what changes ICS will bring to the table when it rolls out?

  6. I almost switched to AT&T just for the Galaxy Note. If Verizon plans on a better large phone I will stick with them and get it.

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