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Exclusive: Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE & LG Viper 4G LTE Launch Sunday, But Not Their 4G/LTE Network (officially)

Everyone is excited about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (4G/LTE) launching on Sunday. People are also excited about the green LG Viper 4G LTE launching as well. Both phones are launching at Sprint stores and retail partners on Sunday, but not the 4G/LTE network.



After pinging Sprint we received this official statement from a Sprint corporate spokesperson:

“Sprint has not announced specific launch dates.

We have said: In 2012, Sprint expects to cover 123 million people with Network Vision and 4G LTE service; by 2013, 250 million people should be covered. Six markets are expected to receive LTE by mid 2012: Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City and Baltimore. The initial devices already announced to run on 4G LTE will be Galaxy Nexus, LG Viper 4G LTE, Sierra Wireless Tri-Network Hotspot and HTC EVO 4G LTE.”

Of course that wasn’t a good enough answer so we called Sprint corporate stores in Kansas City, Baltimore, Dallas, and Atlanta who all confirmed that Sprint’s 4G/LTE service would not be ready. A Sprint manager in Dallas said that the Galaxy Nexus would launch on Sprint’s 3G network.

The Manager at the Baltimore store we contacted was enthusiastic about the launch of the Galaxy Nexus and said that some of their Sprint 3G network had been enhanced so in downtown Baltimore it would be faster but not 4G/LTE, again confirming that the 4G/LTE network would launch in June.

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The manager we spoke with in Kansas City, where Sprint’s headquarters is said in regards to the Galaxy Nexus:

“It will be the 3G in Kansas City until the LTE is rolled out, I think it will be sooner rather than later.” when I dug a little more and asked are we looking at June or say September or October, he said “Oh definitely closer to June”.

Both devices launching on Sunday are great devices but if you’re specifically looking for 4G/LTE speed on the Sprint network you’re going to have to wait it out a couple more months. We do know that some of the markets are testing right now so hopefully it will be early June, which is of course just six weeks away.



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  1. Good thing Sprints 3G in Detroit is slower than a 14.4bps dial up modem, without joking.

    So, a new Sprint phone wont be in anyone’s to-do list anytime soon at all in the greater Detroit area. Nor is Sprint service on anyones “i want” list either… in fact.. Sprint should just quit now while they go bankrupt for adopting old 4G radio bands.

    Infact, MetroPCS has faster 3g than Sprint. Pathetic.

  2. Here we go again with all of these promises from Sprint!!! Buy this LTE phone and we promise to give you LTE, sometime…..

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