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Samsung Dispels Rumors Of April Galaxy S III Launch, Supports CTIA Theory

On Friday there were rumors everywhere that suggested Samsung was preparing an April launch for the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S II. Many blog sites reported that the Samsung Galaxy S III would launch in April 2012. These rumors were sourced to one of Samsung’s advertising agencies; Cheil Worldwide.

Samsung has been using their Twitter/social media communications team to dispel these rumors. They’ve also gone on to say that when an official announcement is ready they’ll take to Twitter to officially announce it first.

A Korean website has confirmed Samsung’s position on the Galaxy S III. They also suggest that a new 4G Android handset will debut in April, it just won’t be the Galaxy S III.

This latest development continues to support our theory that we will see the Samsung Galaxy S III unveiled at CTIA in May in New Orleans.  Samsung was originally supposed to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at CTIA in the fall however that was abruptly postponed out of respect for the recently passed, Steve Jobs.

Stay tuned for more on the Samsung Galaxy S III

source: PhoneArena



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  1. It’s the reason Samsung gave in an official statement so it wasn’t Rumor mongering. However I do agree that it was BS.

  2. I too am sorry about Steve Jobs passing, but I completely reject that any reasonable company would delay a product launch because some other company’s CEO died – even Apple’s great Steve Jobs. Your post is not the first one to assert this, but it all smacks of rumor mongering.

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