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Blackberry’s New CEO Says They’re Ready To Compete

RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins, stood on stage at Blackberry DevCon Europe on Tuesday and told the world that they are ready to compete. Albeit a little late, jumping into the competition at some point is better than never.

While research firm IPD suggests that just 9% of the current smartphone market share is shared between RIM/Blackberry, Symbian and Microsoft Windows Phone operating systems, Heins says there is still room for them:

“the smartphone market is still a young market. And we see a huge opportunity there for us.” he told a standing room only crowd at their European developer event in Amsterdam.

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Heins touted on their new Blackberry 10 platform saying that Blackberry 10 will bring them into the world of Mobile Computing. Evidently the Blackberry Playbook did not. “We are going to kick off the next growth curve, the next growth of BlackBerry, with this technology,”  he said in regards to Blackberry 10.

In the overall theme of his message Heins seemed to not notice the elephant in the room when it came to RIM’s previous leadership team. Heins was promoted from within and promised very little change, nor apologized for the previous two leaders Mike Laziridis and Jim Balsillie.

“We remain confident in who we are, where our roots are, and what made us successful as BlackBerry,” he said.



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  1. Thorsten remarks that they are ready to compete! At least he is aware that they have not been competitive for the last 3-4 years. In the time it takes them to get BB10 to market in 2013, whatever couple of percentage points of that 9 percent market share they now have with general consumers will have wafted away like a fart in the wind. Larger commerical customers wont want to stop development of their enterprise system at a version 7 which most of their devices will end at, then requiring users to migrate to devices capable of version 10 OS at extra cost? Even the U.S. Government and Army are looking at fielding secured android based phone networks. If Thorston was smart, he should go back to his powerpoint slide deck and add on “FY 2012 Goals and Objectives, partner with Microsoft” next time he presents to the board. What a tool.

  2. If it’s got one of their stupid little keyboards on it, and Android emulation, I think I’ll pass, thanks!

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