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App Spotlight: Juno Wallet, Earn Real Gift Cards For Downloading Apps & More

You download apps, like things on Facebook and watch videos everyday. Why not get virtually paid for it. Sure this sounds like one of those too good to be true pitches about making money in your one room apartment but it’s real.

The folks at Juno Wallet have revolutionized multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing and social marketing in one cool free app.

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Here’s the way it works. You download JunoWallet for either iOS device  or Android device. Set up a quick account and then peruse over to one of their many rewards sections.

Reqards Per Invite (Invite friends to Juno Wallet and earn $.50 per friend and $.25 per friend of their friend)

Rewards Per Install- Install some great apps and games, open the app and earn an average of $.16 per install

Rewards Per Fan- Fan featured Facebook pages and earn money

Rewards Per Task- these are typical offer ads however most of them require no purchase at all.

Now this isn’t going to sound like a lot of money but since I signed up last night around midnight I’ve made $15 and redeemed a Starbucks gift card. The giftcard was put on my phone instantly and I’ve already enjoyed a hot chocolate. It literally took 5 minutes in the bathroom to get going with Juno Wallet.

Juno Wallet features gift cards from Starbucks, Itunes, Xbox Live, Nintendo 3Ds, Playstation Network and more. The Juno Wallet founders have told us that Amazon.com and Best Buy gift cards will be available in the coming weeks.

Want to try it out? From your Android device or iPhone follow this link


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  1. I started using Junowallet because of this article too. If you start an account without using an invite code you start with no credits. If you start using an invite code you get a bonus $.25 in credits.

    Feel free to use my code when you start an account: NC371999

    Good luck earning credits … Thanks for the heads up Droid Guy!

  2. Please use my invite code DB9291 I love this app so much. Everyone should get it. Also get the companion app Bamboo Wallet for more ways to earn money.

  3. The email is just for registration purposes to open an account…Each gift card is linked to that email address when you earn them…It is all account based on email addresses…

    Team JunoWallet

  4. is this a spam..I mean the droid guy endorsing about this..because it asks for your email before downloading the app

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