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App Spotlight: Call Blocker By NQ Mobile

In addition to a top notch Android security suite, NQ Mobile offers a portfolio of important easy to use tools for every Android owner. One of those tools is the call blocker by NQ Mobile.

With Call Blocker by NQ mobile you can block any number you want. Do you have a stalkerish annoying X? Maybe a telemarketer offering you magazines or vacations? What about that collection agent that is calling the person who had your phone number five years ago?

All of those people can be added to your block list. Or, you can elect to only let calls through to your device that are in your contacts list. Also if you use Google Voice and have it set to let the actual number through caller ID instead of your Google Voice number, you can use Call Blocker with it.

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But in the infamous words of a Kevin Harrington add… That’s not all…

Call Blocker also offers other great privacy features.

Privacy Eraser, lets you erase your call history, SMS messages, quickly and easily.

Private space lets you keep other callers and SMS messages private from your phone. Whether you’re hiding that girlfriend from your other girlfriend or you have sensitive numbers that you don’t want in the wrong hands this is a feature for you.

Call Blocker will also back up all your contacts and transfer data across phones.

Check out Call Blocker in the Android Market here

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  1. The call blocker app is a scam. A pop up emerges at random making accidental pressing of it highly likely. It automatically adds 1.50 to your phone bill as pressing the button even accidentally apparently gives them consent to do this. No confirmation screen to change your mind. Currently in an email battle with them. They use sleazy business practice and dispise companies like them.

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