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T-Mobile UK Introduces No Holds Barred Unlimited Data, T-Mobile USA, Not So Much… Yet

T-Mobile in the UK has unveiled a new plant that their customers are going to love. They’ve released a totally unlimited plan which will debut Wednesday at UK T-Mobile stores.

The plan will cost just £41 per month on a new two year agreement. But wait there’s more…. Where T-Mobile USA throttles customers on their unlimited data plans when they reach a certain threshold, T-Mobile UK will not. But wait there’s even more… there are no “fair use” restrictions on the new plan meaning you can use VOIP, P2P file sharing, streaming, whatever you want.

T-Mobile UK is calling the plan the Full Monty plan. Hopefully, as T-Mobile USA rebuilds itself this year, we may see them open up to ideas like this… or you could move to the UK.

Source: Phonearena

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  1. I hope something like that comes to the USA. Throttling and capping are just ways for the phone companies to control what we do.

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