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Verizon Wireless To Push Update To Galaxy Nexus In January To Address Signal Strength Indicator

Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Raney told Computer World on Wednesday that they know of issues with the signal strength indicator on the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. According to Raney and several Android and mobile tech websites, there is a problem with the signal strength indicator on the Android 4.0 flagship device. The signal strength itself is not the issue.

Verizon Wireless hinted at the varying signal strength in their 4G LTE service based on factors such as where the device is within the array of towers providing the signal. Verizon Wireless concurred with some tech site findings in that the signal strength indicator on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is actually more accurate than other devices.

Raney told Computer World that the forthcoming update “will adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices”.

We can expect this update in January.

source: Computer World via Phone Arena


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  1. Is this Watergate? Seriously, there may be an issue with the signal strength indicator but this is NOT the problem. The phone has a reception issue. When I can take a HTC Thunderbolt in the same location and connect but cannot with the Nexus, guess what? Hard to argue. No Data, No Voice, NO connection. It appears to be a problem in switching from 4G to 3G there is a huge lag and in some cases, it doesnt reconnect unless you reboot or sometimes put it in airplane mode. Why the smoke screen. Will it be investigated and fixed? I could care less about how many bars, I want the damn thing to work.

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