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Sprint’s Samsung Epic Touch 4G Gets Update

After the release of the Samsung Epic Touch 4G, the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, a fair amount of Sprint customers reported they were having issues with signal loss on the flagship device.

Sprint has now started rolling out update D710.0.5S.EK02 which among other things addresses and corrects the signal loss issue.

Another minor flaw with the Epic Touch 4G was that if you were using 4G mobile hot spot and a call came in the phone wouldn’t shut off the hotspot which resulted in a quicker battery drain. This issue has also been fixed with the update.

There may be some other minor bug fixes also in this update. Several customers have reported seeing the update available on their handsets, if you don’t see it go to settings, about phone and update and it should be there.

source: phonearena


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  1. It is under Update Android which should be the last option on that menu. It will not show up until it is pushed to your handset.

  2. Ok I give I am a dummy i guess you said go to about phone and update and it should be there.  Ok is the update in Update Firmware or Update Profile or Update PRL that always updates..and where can I find if my phone has the update D710.0.5S.EK02

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