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Save Noah Kravitz

We couldn’t stand by idly watching the battle between two great mobile sites, as the PhoneDog vs Noah Kravitz war or the Noah Kravitz vs Phonedog war continues we wanted to create a page to show everyone’s support of one of our communities most favorite video reviewers Noah Kravitz.

Noah has no connection to this site it’s obviously owned by thedroidguy. Why? Because when I first started Thedroidguy Noah was the first oh wow blogger celebrity that took the time out of his day (some after party at CES) to talk to me, at the time a nobody blogger.

The issue gets a little cloudy for me because Aaron at Phonedog has also been nothing but nice to me however this isn’t about Aaron vs Noah this is Noah vs Phonedog or Phonedog vs Noah.

You see Noah left phonedog. When he did he and phonedog agreed to a certain amount of money that he would get after leaving. That was never delivered. Noah had no choice but to take PhoneDog LLC and Tom Klein to court.

Phonedog retaliated by suing Noah Kravitz for $2.50 per follower for his 22,000 followers on Twitter. Kravitz created the twitter account @phonedog_noah and when he left he took the account with him, with Phonedog’s blessing.

Phonedog_noah wasn’t anything more than the hundreds of folks who work for Best Buy, and have Best Buy in their name.

Phonedog_noah was changed to Noahkravitz.  Of course we wouldn’t be here if Noah had originally set up NoahKravitz as his twitter account but he didn’t, he wanted to help the guys at phonedog out.

Don’t let Phonedog fool you, Kravitz was already an established tech writer when he took on the job at phonedog. His videos entertained us all as they do now over at technobuffalo.

Please leave your comments here in support of Noah Kravitz.

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And most importantly follow it on Twitter. You see if Kravitz should lose this battle we will turn the twitter account over to Noah for a fresh start.


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  1. It seems like PhoneDog will take an enormous PR hit if they continue with this law suite and win, or, suffer PR nightmare of epic proportion if they loose.

  2. I totally agree! If it weren’t for him, I would have never knew about Jon Q., Jon R., (the whole TechnoBuffalo team), Sydney, Aaron, (the KravvyKrav YouTube channel), etc. GO NOAH!! Beat those PhoneDog internet spoilers.

  3. I would never have stumbled upon phone dog and stayed if it were not for noah kravitz. I would also never have stepped into my obssesive phone collection if it were not for noah kravitz and his review of the T-Mobile g1. Thank you Noah we support you!

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